It’s going to be a long year

Just wondering, who’s up for a trip to LSU?

After what happened on Saturday night against Tulsa, I can’t think there are too many people who are excited about the prospect of a game against the Tigers, no matter where it ends up being played.

Come to think of it, I’m not real sure what exactly the Mean Green has to look forward to the rest of this season. I guess there is always the hope that UNT’s losses to Kansas State and Tulsa were the result of facing great teams and that the Mean Green will fare better when Sun Belt Conference play rolls around.

I just don’t see it, though.

UNT hasn’t been productive when it mattered in two games thus far this season offensively. A couple of late touchdowns made the 56-26 score against Tulsa look better than it actually was. Yea, I just said UNT was beaten worse than a 30-point margin of defeat indicated. That should scare the Mean Green faithful.

UNT’s defense has been even worse. The Mean Green could blame its problems last season on a coordinator who lacked college experience. UNT has a great coach now if Gary DeLoach and is still being flat blown out of the water.

UNT lacks talent on defense, and the talent it does have is young and concentrated in its defensive backfield.

The game is won in the trenches, and UNT is losing and losing badly on both sides of the ball.

It wasn’t that long ago that UNT could look forward to Sun Belt Conference play as a time when it could turn around its season. I just don’t know if that is the case any more.

Middle Tennessee beat Maryland on Saturday, Florida Atlantic beat UAB, Arkansas State scored 83 points and Louisiana-Monroe should have beaten Arkansas.

The Sun Belt is a whole lot better than it was just a few years ago. UNT is nowhere near as good as it was just a few years ago when it was the dominant team in the league.

That’s a bad formula for a team that could be facing another rough season.

5 thoughts on “It’s going to be a long year

  1. Do you think it is apropriate for your fellow blogger to be reffering to North Texas as “Southlake North” the entire game? It is very unprofessional and I feel that this behavior shows a lack of respect for your readership. I will no longer be reading the DRC because Jeff Andrews unprofessionalism.

  2. It was embarrasing. Our defense was horrible. I did not see Tulsa doing anything unusual out there. They had receivers wide open and the defense was had no clue. The defense looked good at times but when Tulsa needed a good play they got one. The offensive line did not Gio a chance most of the game to even show what he is capable of. When he had time to throw I thought he looked good. We just don’t have the talent to compete with those type of teams. Please stop scheduling 3 or 4 a year. It hurts morale for the fans. Yes, the Sunbelt is better but there is no reason UNT can’t compete in that conference. I think they will come around later in the season. Let’s remember that Dodge is just now getting his people in the game now and they are young. He has done is part with the offense. At least they are more fun to watch. If we could just get the defense going! By the way, it was clear Todd Graham was trying to send a message to Dodge by going for it on 4th downs and keeping his first team in for 3 and 1/2 quarters. Graham could not hold a candle to Dodge in high school. It was clear that the ego of Graham that I have heard about came out last night. He wanted to make a point. He did! You have a better team, Graham. You are not a better coach. Most of the talent you have you did not recruit. If UNT had the same level of talent I expect better things.

  3. I was shocked at how bad they looked on tv. Are they that untalented or just poorly coached or both? I do not believe I can take a game in person. I was really hoping they would be better.

  4. Not saying last night was understandable, but we need some perspective: Tulsa is probably going to be doing that against everyone on their slate this year.

    That offense is sick.

  5. Here’s the sickening thing: Tulsa went, what 0-11 in 2001 and 1-11 in 2002. Then, they hire a real coach, who had a roster full of guys who were on teams that had just gone 1-22 over a two years span and goes 8-5 in 2003 and goes to a bowl game. No excuses, they just hired the right guy and won that season. Meanwhile, we’ve got to make all of these ridiculous excuses for Todd Dodge about having time to get “his players.” It’s stupid.

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