Stadium cost estimate soaring

My friend Candace over in our news department had an interesting note in her story on the board of regents meeting today that I thought was overlooked by the Greenie faithful.

UNT will go with Manhattan Construction for the construction manager at-risk job. We told you that a couple of days back. What we didn’t report until today is that the estimated cost of a new stadium has soared to $78 million.

UNT had previously said the project would run in the $60 million range.

What’s another $18 million?

It could be another obstacle to UNT getting this project done.

UNT will have a student fee to cover half of the cost of a stadium, but the school will have to come with another source or sources to come up with the other half of the costs. Those costs just went from $30 million to $39 million.

UNT can and probably will still get this done somehow. The school is too far down the road to turn back now, but one has to wonder if UNT will be able to stick to its timeline that would have the stadium ready in 2011, which is a year later than the school originally talked about.

The economy is in terrible shape, which is going to make it tough to find people to cough up nearly $40 million.

You still have faith? Post your comments on the blog.

3 thoughts on “Stadium cost estimate soaring

  1. That is still cheaper that UTA’s new basketball gym will be. This stadium process should have started many years ago. UNT is it’s own worst enemy.

  2. I have full faith in Ricky V’s vision for a new stadium by….10…uh…11…I mean 12…..

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