Thoughts on UNT’s loss (the Sun will come out tomorrow)

UNT knew coming into its game against Alabama that it was in for a tough time. The Crimson Tide is ranked fourth in the country for a reason.

That doesn’t make the 53-7 beating the Mean Green took is any easier to take for those who have followed the program for a while.

UNT just isn’t to the point where it is competitive against the top teams in the country. The Mean Green was without Riley Dodge and Victor Gill and Kelvin Jackson, but that didn’t make any difference.

Todd Dodge said so after the game.

Even if UNT had its best players on the field, it still wouldn’t have been able to hang with Alabama. The scary part is that Sun Belt play is right around the corner and the early indications are there are going to be a few good teams out there.

Middle Tennessee will come to town next week off wins over Memphis and Maryland. Troy finally got on track and beat UAB at home. Florida Atlantic is hanging with South Carolina as we speak.

Ball State, the team UNT beat to open the season, is 0-3.

I don’t think anyone should write off UNT yet. The Mean Green got out of its game against Alabama without suffering any major injuries, which has to be a bit of a miracle.

This team is better than last season and will win a couple of more games.

The bottom line is UNT should have known this was coming. It always struggles against teams ranked in the top 25 and especially the top 10.

UNT will get Riley Dodge back either this week or next. The Mean Green is getting better.

It just wasn’t evident against one of the top teams in the country.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on UNT’s loss (the Sun will come out tomorrow)

  1. Really this game should be treated as the minor bump in the road it is. It seems like every team in the sunbelt has gotten dusted by a Top 25 team.

    Is it somehow worse for UNT to lose to #4 Alabama 53-7 than for #1 Florida to beat Troy 56-6?

    Is there a hill of beans difference between the talent level of Florida and Alabama?

    Is it worse than FAU losing 49-3 to #24 Nebraska? Or Arkansas State losing 38-9 to the same Nebraska squad?

    Unlike the pre-season favorites, UNT actually scored a TD. With their backup QB playing.

    UNT just doesn’t have the combination of seasoned quality starters and top depth to beat a national title contender yet. Maybe next year.

    From everything I have been able to find (and I hope you will let us know if I missed something) UNT escaped this game without an injury. I think that is the best we could have hoped for. Hopefully will have a few guys back next game.

    This team is still good enough to win any of it’s remaining games. There is no one left on the schedule in sniffing distance of the top 25, in fact there may not be anyone ranked in the top half of the FBS.

    I hope the team gets over this game quickly and starts getting ready for MTSU. MTSU looks pretty strong and UNT will have to play up to their talent to beat them.

  2. Sure, just write it off as playing a different level of team. Oh wait, we are on the same level of NCAA football aren’t we?

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