Big day coming tomorrow, note on the money in hand

UNT will have arguably the biggest event in the recent history of the football program (yes, even bigger than the introduction of Todd Dodge) tomorrow when the school breaks ground on a new football stadium.

We will have a feature in tomorrow’s paper about the event that has the thoughts of UNT officials thoughts on what the stadium can do for the program and UNT. Candace from the news side talked to Gretchen Bataille, who went on record as saying UNT has raised $5 million in private donations. That’s a pretty good chunk of change considering the stadium will run $78 million and the students will end up playing for half of it.

UNT believes it now has what it needs in place to be a mid-major power in college football. It should be interesting to see how it plays out.

One ballpark comparison I tracked down is Troy spent $18 million to build a tower and really fix up its Movie Gallery Stadium. I asked Troy coach Larry Blakeney how it impacted his program and he said it made a bigger difference than how his team played on the field at times.

I thought that was pretty interesting and a good sign for UNT.

In a side note, Blackhawk helicopters are doing the flyover tomorrow for the Army game later in the day.

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