Dodge: I don’t know if I will be back

North Texas head coach Todd Dodge said on the Sun Belt Conference coaches call this morning that he is not sure if he will be back next season as the Mean Green’s head coach.

Athletic director Rick Villarreal sits down with each of his head coaches after the season to discuss where their program is at. Villarreal met with Dodge last year and a few changes among assistant coaches happened shortly afterwards, including UNT jettisoning another high school coach from the staff.

The two will apparently sit down again after the Arkansas State game.

“I really don’t know,” Dodge said. “I will sit down with coach Villarreal when the season is over with. At this point I don’t know. He will let me know.”

In a side note, ASU quarterback Corey Leonard is out for the season with a torn ACL.

7 thoughts on “Dodge: I don’t know if I will be back

  1. Bring Dodge back! North Texas football has be in need of rebuilding long before Dodge took the job. It’s going to take more than coaches. The program needs support from the A.D., which they don’t have, support from the University and more recruits.

  2. Brett, if you had to guess right now, does Villareal give him one more year?
    And one factor intrigues me you didn’t bring up – the fact the he’s the QB’s dad. If he leaves, do we risk seeing Riley transfer?

  3. Of course he doesn’t know, but I bet he has a good idea of what will happen. I imagine a lot of D1 coaches are thinking the same thing right about now. Charlie Weis knows all too well what will happen to him but that’s what high standards get you. Coach Dodge has obviously made improvements and a lot of these late game losses are sure to give Villarreal some confidence that the program is heading in the right direction. By the way, Riley is a good player and if his Dad/coach leaves, so will he. I bet Dunbar will too. Dodge is just as frustrated with this season as the fans, if not more so. UNT Football is so close to being a winning program, that I feel he deserves another season. Now, if next season is below .500, he’s had his chance and he should resign. However, you have to admit that these are fun games to watch. Last season was embarrasing but this season is at least fun for viewers. To get back to my main point at the beginning of this paragraph; Dodge knows he’ll get one more shot.

  4. Frankly Dodge’s future at UNT sounds like it could be a little cloudy. Now maybe that is Villareal sending the message to Dodge that the alumni aren’t happy and that like last year, changes in methodology, if not staff, are required again.

    That would be sensible.

    Now if the there is actual thought of replacing him — that would probably hobble this program for at least 6 years.

    If that is REALLY where this is going, I hope Dr. Bataille steps in.

    When Dodge was recruited, Bataille promised Dodge he would be able to recruit with the new stadium in place.

    She could step in and basically gift him one more year based off that promise and I think most would grit their teeth and accept one more year to prove that he can do the job.

    I really don’t want to see UNT bring in some no name $200K assistant — the equivilant of FIU’s Larry Cristobal — to drive this program back into the talent hole it was in 3 years ago.

    That would probably mean another 6-7 years of sub .500 play before the coach after our potential cristobal can use the stadium to dig the program out of the talent hole.

    What does it really hurt to give Dodge one more year?

    Even if he can’t really come through with a title contender next year — even if he can only deliver a 6-7 win team — don’t you want to at least get some end to the sufferring?

    I cannot deal with another 6-7 years of this.

  5. To say “I don’t know if I’ll be back” is not good for recruiting. Either he does know and is not saying yet, or really does not know and is hurting his own recruiting chances.

  6. That’s great news. I really think it would be great for the program if Dodge would take the initiative and resign gracefully. He owes it to us students to allow this program to grow. I’m sure that he could be a great college coach someday but he needs experience to do so and we shouldn’t allow this program to flounder for the next five years just to give him that experience. I wish him the very best and I appreciate his dedication to UNT but I would like to see a more established coach turn this all around.

  7. If Dodge is not back next year, what is the chance UNT will hire someone like Hayden Fry as a consultant, to find our next coach? 50-60%?

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