3 thoughts on “Canales looks like a home run hire for UNT

  1. Maybe just maybe the secret quarterback recruit for unt is Brian carnes a previous commit to USF who is reconsidering his options after coaching changes

  2. Just for the sake of mentioning it.. is there a possibility that NT recruits Canales with prospects of becoming the head coach IF next season fails?

  3. His pedigree is terrific, but the results aren’t exceptional when he has been in charge as an OC. I have been reading a lot of posts from Arizona fans from his time as OC there, specifically disturbing are comments on his play calling, quick hooks for QBs, and the struggles of their QB Willie T. (which sound a lot like mechanical issues that were not ever addressed).

    I am very hopeful, but history is not totally on our side. This is a guy who has had very good momements and quite forgettable ones too.

    There is a question of whether this is a very good passing game coordinator/QB coach who happens to be a very mediocre offensive coordinator. I hope he proves to be a great OC, but to me, reading his history, that is the question on Coach Canales.

    It sounds like he is also a coach at a crossroads, like Dodge. I haven’t seen anything that suggests he is a great OC…yet. He has also been hung with the “genius offensive mind” label at times, just like Dodge, but the results have not been there for him either.

    I am hoping Canales really pick’s Dodge’s mind as much as Dodge’s staff is likely to pick Canales’s. I also hope Canales is smart about really relying on the offensive staff. Dodge (and staff) might be able to really help this guy become the dominant offensive coordinator he could be.

    For Canales to succeed here he has to be a great QB coach and work to limit Riley Dodge’s turnovers by fixing his mechanics. I think he can do that, but it seems like his work in that area is not as strong when he also has the burden of being an OC.

    I like what he says about short yardage sets. I think that will be much better under him, but I am concerned about turnovers. USF’s QB Grothe had 3 straight seasons where he threw 14 INTs.

    Whoever is on the field at QB has to protect the ball better than UNT did last season. The team has enough offensive talent to score on anyone in the Sun Belt.

    He was called a great recruiter by Levitt at USF. That would be a great bonus down the road if it is true.

    I am hopeful, but not as hopeful as you. Where you see a home run, I see a double that might be a triple if Canales is really smart about fixing the causes of his past weaknesses.

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