UNT going with Neinas

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that UNT was going to hire a consultant to look at the state of the school’s athletics program.

UNT wouldn’t go on record with who it was hiring then, but a school official confirmed today that it is hiring Chuck Neinas.

Neinas is a big name in college athletics who knows a lot about UNT. He was paid by Conference USA back in 2004-05 to review Conference USA’s options in expansion and looked at UNT, which was in the hunt.

Now he will be coming back to see what UNT has done since and where it needs to go.

UNT last hired a consultant to look at its program just before Rick Villarreal arrived back about 2000 or early 2001 when Gene Stallings came in.

Here’s a link to the original story from the DRC: UNT hiring a consultant

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