Source — Tony Mitchell in process of enrolling at UNT

Here’s the gem I promised. Tony Mitchell, a former Dallas Pinkston standout who was rated 12th in the Class of 2010 by, is in the process of trying to enroll at UNT, a source close to the situation said Wednesday.

Mitchell will be one of the top players ever to sign with the Mean Green if everything works out.

Mitchell will be on campus today, according to the source.

Mitchell was The Dallas Morning News’ All-Area MVP following the 2010-11 season and was recruited heavily by UNT before he signed with Missouri. Mitchell was never admitted to the school and now appears very likely to end up with the Mean Green.

The only potential stag at this point is whether Mitchell will get into UNT.

Mitchell transferred to Dallas Pinkston, where his eligibility status came into question.

Mitchell played his senior season and developed into one of the most highly regarded players in the country.

Nicholas Smith, Mitchell’s coach at Dallas Pinkston, declined to confirm that Mitchell was in the process of enrolling at UNT, but said he would issue a statement on Mitchell and his future today.

UNT has advanced to two of the last four NCAA tournaments and is 16-4 this season heading into a game at Louisiana-Lafayette on Thursday.

UNT will lose five key seniors from its roster this season, including two of the top 10 scorers in school history in Josh White and Tristan Thompson. The addition of Mitchell to a highly regarded 2011 signing class could help the Mean Green reload quickly.

UNT signed Jordan Williams, who is rated No. 108 nationally in the Class of 2011 by He heads a five-man class rated No. 31 nationally by

12 thoughts on “Source — Tony Mitchell in process of enrolling at UNT

  1. If he never enrolled at Missouri, would he be eligible right away? Would Johnny consider using him this year since our bench is so short?

  2. How does this make sense? Mitchell’s problem is with the NCAA, not Mizzou. Isn’t UNT in the NCAA? Wouldn’t he run into the same problems there?

  3. Well as a Missouri fan I wish you luck.
    I hope the kid gets in some where but if his academic record is shady (which it clearly is based on unexcused absences and other transcript stuff) then maybe he shouldn’t be enrolled in any college, Missouri, UNT or the like.
    It is a sad day if he is allowed in school when clearly he doesn’t deserve to be in a college classroom.

  4. Amazing if he gets in to UNT! Would he be able to play next basketball season? Or would the NCAA make him sit a year because he had signed with Missouri and the NCAA hates UNT?

  5. Every kid deserves to be in a college classroom. I wish Tony well whereever he enrolls. I hope it is at Missouri because I would like to see him play and Mike Anderson deserves america’s best players. Whereever he goes I hope he gets a good education and has a successful life.

  6. I would have really loved to have him at Mizzou. But I guess the Big 12 has their academic standards. Although, I believe that is a good thing.

  7. You had better be ranked highly, because Middle Tennessee is in the Top 20, and just picked up another stud today. Already beaten North Texas this year with two huge transfers sitting out. MT will be taking over.

  8. The kid was ruled academically ineligible by the NCAA. How can he go to ANY NCAA school and play?

  9. I am actually a uk fan and normally wouldnt chime in on another site, however I must disagree with the above statement. Every kid in america deserves to be in a college classroom. Ego immaturity and lack of discipline lead to kids problems in school, especially when in every other way you are treated like a god due to a sport. Let him in school let him on the team but dont let him play until all problems are fixed if serious enough dont even let him on the team but dont dare keep him from the classroom. When and if deserved let him play ball again.

  10. @ Johnny T….what on earth are you talking about? MTSU has no Rivals ranked pickups this year (not one) and only one shows an offer from another school. Who on earth told you that you were ranked #20 on the recruiting class list? LOLOLOL. MT won’t make it to the tourney…mark my words.

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