Austin Fuller and his plans

I blogged a while back about Virginia Tech’s Austin Fuller and where he would end up after deciding to transfer.

He is moving to the area to be closer to his family. He was looking at SMU and also swung by North Texas.

I caught up with him today, and it sounds like it is pretty much a done deal with SMU. Fuller is waiting to see if he will be admitted, and if he is, he will join the Mustangs. He will likely be a walk-on his first year while he sits out. If he impresses in his year off, he could be put on scholarship.

I know that UNT’s coaches were at least aware that Fuller was looking to come back to the area and that he looked around campus. Fuller said it never went any further than that. He never talked to UNT’s coaches.

I don’t see that as a mistake on UNT’s part. Fuller is a good player and could end up contributing at SMU, but if you are looking at it from UNT’s perspective, I don’t think they have a lot of room for a player who will sit out next year.

UNT would be a whole lot better off trying to find a late JC qualifier to plug on of the many holes in the lineup starting next season. Another Shavod Atkinson — who was a late-qualifying defensive tackle — would be huge.