Feldt officially aboard

I just got off the phone with Dan McCarney, who said it is official now, Cam Feldt is signed, sealed and delivered to UNT.

It’s not much of a surprise at this point, since so many people have seen him around campus, but this is a huge get for UNT.

Feldt will sit out this year and then have three years to play.

McCarney thinks Feldt could play left tackle. He will end up on one side or the other as a tackle.

Feldt started out at Arkansas and spent a year as a redshirt before deciding to transfer. He was a four-star prospect coming out of high school.

What could make this even better for UNT is that Cam has a younger brother Boone, who is a senior this year. UNT is already in on him. Blake Feldt was the coach at Pilot Point before taking over at Buda Hays.

McCarney said he would like to have five guys on the line like Cam. Well, he could end up with two, if both Feldt brothers jump on board.

I was trying to think back on when the last time was that UNT had a player this highly regarded on its offensive line.

Dylan Lineberry was a top recruit and had a great career at UNT. Nick Zuniga was also a very highly regarded player when he came out of high school. He enrolled at UNT, sat out a year and then was among the best linemen UNT has had in years during the bowl era.

Both of those guys came along after the ratings era began, though.

I haven’t had a chance to talk to Feldt and I doubt I will today.

In other news, UNT will begin its string of camps for juniors this Sunday in Denton. UNT will also hit Round Rock, Dallas, Arlington, Chapel Hill, Pasadena and Spring. McCarney said that UNT already knows several of the players who will attend.

If UNT is going to land any recruits early, which I expect that they will, it will likely be a guy who comes to one of these camps and then commits. That’s how UNT ended up with an early commitment from Jamone Greer, the only one of the three players who committed to UNT early heading into Todd Dodge’s final year who the Mean Green actually signed on national signing day earlier this year.

4 thoughts on “Feldt officially aboard

  1. Way to go Cam! We need a spark like him to get the team back on track.

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