McCarney writes the check. Can UNT fans cash it?

Dan McCarney said on the Sun Belt call today and at pretty much every press conference for the last few weeks that he fully expects UNT to break the all-time attendance record in the Mean Green’s final home game against Middle Tennessee this weekend.

In case you didn’t catch it, the UNT administration would really like it if you would show up.

UNT is giving its Mean Green Club members four free tickets each. Here’s a link: Free tickets

I don’t know this for a fact, but it sounds like all UNT faculty and staff members can pick up four free tickets as well.

The Mean Green needs to have 12,144 fans in its official count for the final home game of the season to surpass the mark of 109,367 in total attendance set in 2009. UNT averaged 18,228 fans per game that season.

UNT is averaging 19,445 fans per home game so far this season.

UNT averaged 19,517 fans per game in 1994 and would have to attract 19,884 fans this weekend to surpass the record for the average attendance per game in seasons that the Mean Green has played all of its games on campus.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if UNT hits the 12,144 it needs, it will count the total attendance as a record-breaker.

With the full push on, it’s hard to see that not work out.

What could be more interesting is to see if UNT can clip that season average mark as well.

I find it pretty interesting that UNT is giving away tickets. That’s something that UNT hasn’t often done before, but has been used by SMU and other schools to boost attendance. UNT fans have often been critical of giving away tickets to boost attendance.

I’m interested to gauge the opinion of our loyal blog followers. I don’t have a problem with it, but has UNT officially given up the high road when it comes to giving away tickets?