Sporting News coaching rankings

The Sporting News came out with a pretty interesting list a couple of days back — a full run down of the coaches in college football from the best to the worst.

Lists always make for some lively discussion, and this should be no different, especially since Dan McCarney came in at No. 87 overall and No. 6 in the Sun Belt rankings. Here’s a link: Sun Belt rankings

On the surface, yeah. I can see how McCarney could come in at 6 out of 10 after going 5-7 in his first season. He spent more than a decade at Iowa State before coming to UNT.

So the guy has had pretty much bubkus to work with compared to the guys he has been competing against his whole career.

Granted, UNT will have a lot more to work with going forward, especially with a pending move to Conference USA.

But let’s be honest here. That 5-7 last year was pretty impressive considering McCarney took over following the biggest fiasco arguably in the history of UNT athletics and indisputably UNT football.

They should have given Mac a pointy hat after last season. It was pure magic he came up with considering what he had to work with.

Troy coach Larry Blakeney topped the list for Sun Belt coaches, with Mario Cristobal right behind him. I don’t have a problem with either pick. Arkansas State coach Gus Malzahn was No. 3, even though he hasn’t coached a game at ASU yet.

As far as the national list goes, there are a few interesting names on there. Kansas State’s Bill Snyder is No. 11. UNT will face the Wildcats this season.

June Jones at SMU checks in at No. 22. He has won two bowl games with the Ponies.

Ton Levine at Houston is No 112. It should be interesting to see what he does with what he inherited. UNT faces the Cougars this season.

Take a look through the list and post your thoughts on the blog.

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