Sunday night notes and thoughts

The Pirate struck again over the weekend.

I usually don’t mention all the ins and outs in recruiting that I used to a few years ago because some people got a little upset about it. But I am going to find it interesting — and worth mentioning — how UNT does against Washington State and Mike Leach. There was a faction of UNT fans who wanted to see him end up in Denton.

Never would have happened.

Leach would have been a bad fit and UNT got the best guy it could have in Dan McCarney.

The Pirate did come back in to Texas and snag another pretty good recruit, though. Ennis defensive end Malik Jenkins picked Washington State over UNT and Houston.

For those of you scoring at home, Washington State is up two (Jenkins and Lancaster athlete Demarcus Ayers) to one (Guyer safety John Schilleci) when it comes to players both schools have offered.

That’s not bad considering Washington State is in the Pac-10 and higher up the college football food chain from UNT.

On the media days front, it will be pretty interesting to have UNT and SMU together at Conference USA event this week. UNT has to be thanking its lucky stars the Ponies agreed to exit stage left to the Big East. I just don’t see any way UNT ends up in C-USA with SMU still sitting there.

The addition of UNT and Florida International is sure to be a big topic. We could get a little more perspective on how the members of the league feel about UNT and its potential impact on the conference.

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