Thoughts on UNT’s hoops schedule

UNT released its basketball schedule for next season late yesterday.

Now that everyone has had a chance to digest it, here are some thoughts.

We already knew that UNT was headed to the preseason NIT and most of the other opponents that were going to be on there.

The surprise was the addition of Lehigh, the defending Patriot League champion, at home.

UNT had a hard time trying to find quality nonconference opponents to come to the Super Pit. Not a big surprise with Tony Mitchell and pretty much the entire rest of a pretty good team coming back.

UNT should be good this year. Really good.

UNT still managed to put together a pretty attractive schedule. UNT has Creighton and St. Louis this year to go along with Lehigh.

The showdown between UNT star forward Tony Mitchell and Creighton forward Doug McDermott will be one of the more interesting individual matchups to watch this season. UNT will also likely face Kansas State in the Preseason NIT.

The Sun Belt has an even slate this year with home and away games with every league opponent.

That means the Sun Belt has scheduled Western Kentucky to come to UNT in consecutive season. That can only mean one thing — the world is coming to an end.

Tony Benford emphasized that he wants to play the best teams in college basketball. He’s got the team to do it, especially after he did a really nice job adding some key pieces to what is a special batch of returning players.

It should make for a terrific season.

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