UNT vs. Troy pass attack, mailbag

Every week, when it comes time to think about two teams facing off, we always get back to the same issue:

What’s the key matchup? Every newspaper preview has it and all the talking heads on TV/radio hash it out.

Not real tough to figure out this week when it comes to UNT’s game against Troy. It all comes down to if UNT can face Troy quarterback Corey Robinson and his receivers and come out of it without looking like they have been in the bat race at a baseball game. You know, where the kids put their nose on a bat, spin around 10 times and then run to first base.

UNT fared well against Texas Southern, but that was Texas Southern.

Here’s how the two quarterbacks UNT faced in its other games fared. Collin Klein of Kansas State went 15 for 20 for 230 yards and two touchdowns, while Zach Mettenberger of LSU went 19 for 26 for 192 yards and a touchdown.

That’s about 74 percent for those two guys.

I’m not saying Robinson and his wide receivers are on the level of the guys at LSU, but these guys are pretty good. UNT’s defensive backs have talent, but they are very inexperienced.

And UNT has not been good when it comes to rushing the passer this year.

If UNT can win the matchup with Robinson and Troy’s receivers, the Mean Green will win this game.

If it’s a blowout in Troy’s favor, it could be a tough day for UNT.

As for the mailbag Andrew asked what I thought of the Bleacher Report listing that had Apogee Stadium listed at No. 118 on its list of the top college football stadiums in the country.

My take? It’s Bleacher Report. Don’t worry about it.

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