Could the Harrison announcement swing the balance of power in DFW hoops

I don’t think there is any question about which of the Division I basketball programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is at the top of the hill at the moment.

UNT has Tony Mitchell, a loaded roster and a really good recruiting class coming in next season.

If anyone thought that UNT wasn’t going to continue to build on the fantastic foundation Johnny Jones laid while turning around one of the worst programs in all of college basketball under Tony Benford, the guys committing to play for him should put those concerns to rest.

Greg Wesley, Josh Friar, Tony Nunn and Anthony Norris were all great gets in the Class of 2013.

About the only way UNT’s status changes is if the grand experiment with Larry Brown at SMU pays off with some big time national recruits.

And that brings us to the Harrison brothers.

Aaron and Andrew Harrison are ranked third and fourth in the Class of 2013 (go ahead and stick your head in the sand and say that doesn’t matter if you want) and will announce their decision today.

They are down to Kentucky (get that), Maryland (the Terps coach is former A&M coach Mark Turgeon, who has been recruiting them forever and they have family near the school) and SMU.

Most everything I have read has said UNT’s rival to the south has no shot. And yes they are a rival, even though the teams never play.

Still, SMU is one of the three teams on the list.

The Harrisons are the types of recruits SMU hoped it could bring in to swing the balance of power in the area by hiring Brown. They would do just that.

It will be interesting to see what they decide to do.

Stay tuned.

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