It’s more than just DT

The problem with being a college quarterback is that you are always the problem, at least when things are not going well.

I thought a little about that today after Dan McCarney’s press conference. DT is taking a beating while guiding a struggling offense for a team that is dangling precariously close to the cliff and what has become the yearly plummet to irrelevence at UNT.

Has DT been part of the problem at times? Sure. DT is a standup guy. He’ll tell you that.

Is he the entire problem? Not by a long shot.

UNT lacks speed and playmakers. This team desperately needs a wide receiver to complement Brelan Chancellor.

UNT’s best hope now is to run the ball and not turn it over. That’s what DT can do for UNT.

What makes the all the more interesting is that Brock Berglund is waiting in the wings. On paper Berglund is legit. There is no doubt DT knows it and expects a challenge next season.

That’s a lot of heat on DT.

He’s handled it well as far as standing up and answering all the questions. He’s also played well at times — not all the time — and put up several 200-yard games.

Dan McCarney said today that DT could be better. He could.

UNT just has a whole lot more issues than that.

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