Just how big an underdog is UNT?

Did a little looking around today to get the pulse of Denton/DFW heading into UNT’s game against Houston.

I took a look at the DMN’s picks, the picks of our advertisers in our special Friday advertising Pig Skins Picks contest, Dave Campbell’s Texas Football and the line.


Pretty much no one thinks UNT is going to win this game.

Out of the eight people who pick in the Morning News, only myself and Corby Davidson picked UNT. Of the eight advertisers in the paper, only Andie Knight of Denton County Independent Hamburger picked UNT. Our buddy Jake Shaw over at Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, who I always have to convince to back off the Green Kool-Aid, also picked Houston. The wise guys in Vegas have UNT as an 11-point underdog.

Dan McCarney probably loves it.

He’s made a career out of doing things no one thinks he can do.

I said all along that the Troy game was the key to UNT’s season, and I’m sticking by that. But a win tomorrow would give UNT some hope heading into the heart of its Sun Belt schedule. UNT still has Louisiana-Lafayette, Middle Tennessee, Arkansas State, Louisiana-Monroe and Western Kentucky, a bunch of teams playing pretty well coming up.

The line of thinking floating around about how UNT can go into those games on a roll is by running the ball behind a pretty good offensive line. It will help a whole lot if tight end Andrew Power is back.

There is a lot of truth in that. I just lost a little faith when UNT finished with 56 yards on 30 carries in a win over Florida Atlantic last week. FAU was coughing up 252.5 rushing yards a game, but held UNT in check.

FAU stacked the box. Even McCarney indicated that is what everyone will do against UNT for the rest of the season.

Can UNT get it done? Sure.

There are just not a lot of believers out there at the moment.

And in a side note, Mack Leftwich, the son of former UNT assistant coach Spencer Leftwich committed to SFA. I always heard Lefty had a kid coming up who was pretty good.

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