McCarney — UNT will keep pounding the rock in its game against ULL’s top rush defense

I wrote about one of the key matchups in UNT’s game against Louisiana-Lafayette for tomorrow’s paper — UNT’s running game against ULL’s rushing defense.

The Cajuns are really, really good against the run. Oklahoma State torched ULL for 330 yards, but no one else has managed to post more than 60. Granted, ULL hasn’t faced the schedule UNT has.

It is something to watch, though.

Which brings us to Dan McCarney’s take:

“We are not going to come out on Tuesday night and go empty [with no running back in the backfield] all night and change what we do. We believe in our system and what we do. We just have to get better at what we do. We will match up against a really good defense that is outstanding against the run and is very confident.”

I tend to agree. You don’t abandon what you do well.

I just thought it was an interesting quote considering UNT has struggled offensively and some people’s desire to see UNT open it up even though it doesn’t have the personnel to go that route.

It could spark a little debate.

Feel free to comment on the blog or discuss it elsewhere.

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