Quick thoughts on the way out the door

I’m driving home here in a few minutes.

Quick thoughts on UNT’s 44-21 loss to Houston.

– A perfect example of why it’s not a good idea to over react to playing well against a BCS opponent sleep walking through a money game (Kansas State).

– UNT’s inexperience in the secondary was going to prove costly at some point, tonight was the night.

– You can’t let a guy like David Piland stand back there and chunk it around.

– UNT’s defense has improved, but there is a big difference between playing well against a horrible FAU team and Troy at home and facing Houston

– The rest of the schedule looks scary for UNT. There are a lot of good Belt teams left out there]

– I will be interested to see if this loss hurts UNT attendance-wise for its national TV game.

I will have more when I get home.

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