Sunday night thoughts

I have had a while to digest UNT’s loss to Houston and am back with some thoughts.

Well, one thought really.

Don’t panic.

I’m far from the only person out there in Mean and Green land saying the same thing.

It just seems like the logical conclusion at this point.

UNT is not good. No one on planet reality thought UNT would be good this year. UNT lost the team — Lance Dunbar — and a ton of other pretty important players after last season.

Anyone miss those seven experienced defensive backs now, after David Piland torched UNT for 321 yards?

UNT has a long way to go to get out of the ditch that was dug for the program was stunning efficiency over the three and a half years before Mike Canales took over as interim head coach.

That’s not a popular thing to say, but it’s true.

UNT is in a world of hurt heading into a home game against Louisiana-Lafayette on Tuesday. ULL is pretty good and will be favored to take UNT to the woodshed on national TV. At 2-4, the hopes for a 6-6 season may have gone out the window.

UNT just has to hope that everyone doesn’t jump off the Dan Wagon at this point.

McCarney had a great first year considering what he inherited. I have no idea how UNT won five games.

There is still a long way to go this year as well.

Yeah, things don’t look real promising. I have a hard time picking out winnable games the rest of the season outside of the South Alabama game.

This could still turn UNT’s way, even though that looks like a bit of a stretch.

We all knew when McCarney took over the program that he was taking the long road and what he considered the right road in rebuilding the program. He’s recruiting high school players and redshirting a lot of them.

It is a big concerning that UNT isn’t landing a whole lot of highly regarded players. Mean Green fans will just have to hold on to the hope that they are better than they look on paper (rarely happens, but it’s something to hold on to).

Houston is going to be pretty good. The Cougars figured it out after a bad early loss to Texas State and a slow start.

UNT just caught Houston at the wrong time.

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