Is frustration mounting for UNT?

I’m starting to wonder if frustration is setting in for North Texas a little bit after what was said and heard during and after the Mean Green’s loss to Arkansas State last night.

Former walk-on wide receiver Darnell Smith had a big game. It just makes one wonder what the heck happened to all the players who UNT spent a lot of time and effort recruiting. McCarney was wondering the same thing after the game.

“He’s an unrecruited walk-on and all of the sudden he’s out there making plays on game days,” McCarney said of Smith. “That should inspire and motivate some guys on our team who are on scholarship and were recruited that did get opportunities and don’t do a damn thing for this football team. I would think a guy like Smith would motivate them.”

UNT’s coaches and players like Smith, but it does seem a bit concerning that UNT has turned to a guy it didn’t recruit to lead the way offensively.

McCarney didn’t name names, but called out a group of his own players.

There was also a lot of bad body language at the end of the night.

A couple of UNT players threw their hands up in the air in frustration after Derek Thompson missed on a couple of throws. Thompson appeared to fire right back.

McCarney also talked a lot about holding the team together after the game.

“This is the time in life and in football where you can strain, you can separate and segment,” McCarney said. “I’m not going to let that happen. I said in that locker room that if I have a coach or a player that doesn’t have unconditional loyalty, uncompromising loyalty, to this program, I’ll get rid of the coach or the player. We are going to be together in this thing. If I sense any of that with a coach or player, I will help them pack their bags and they will be gone. I don’t care who it is. I’m really strong in these times. It usually brings out the best in me.”

Are there some cracks in the foundation in terms of team unity and UNT’s players staying together in tough times?

It’s a question that will no doubt come up this week after another tough game for UNT that left the Mean Green with its back to the cliff in terms of reaching the .500 mark this season at 3-6.

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