Issuing the collapse watch (for Mean Green Nation morale)

It had become obvious late last night that UNT was going to suffer a pretty embarrassing blowout loss to UTA when a long-time UNT booster caught my attention, gave me a worried/shocked look and continued climbing up the stairs on his way out of the Super Pit with several minutes left before the Mean Green fell to 3-4 on the season.

This was after UNT blew an 18-point lead and lost to Arizona in women’s basketball to fall to 1-5, which came just days after UNT finished 4-8 in football and posted its eighth straight losing season.

Like Kermit said.

“It ain’t easy being green.”

I just don’t think anyone ever expected it to be this hard, though. Not this year.

This was supposed to be UNT’s big year with maybe its best team ever in men’s basketball and the year it was all supposed to turn around in football.

It’s way too early to give up on Dan McCarney, who has done a lot of good things with UNT’s football program already, and way too early to give up on a loaded UNT basketball team featuring a talent like Tony Mitchell. The UNT women have also played a tough schedule early.

But it’s way past time to issue the patented MGB “Collapse Watch” for the morale of UNT’s fandom.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen UNT fans feel this bad about the way things are going, even though there are a lot of good things going on when one looks at the big picture. UNT is still heading to C-USA next year, which has been a long-term program goal. It hurts a little that the lineup has changed, but UNT will still end up in a league with Tulsa, Rice, UTEP and UTSA.

Granted, three other Belt Bolters are coming along for the ride, which makes it a little harder to sell the move as the huge upgrade that it is. It’s still a great move for UNT.

It’s just a little harder to focus on the long-term when the short-term looks so discouraging at this point.

There’s no getting around the fact that UNT failed to live up to expectations that looking back now were probably a bit ambitious in football. It’s also starting to look like UNT won’t come anywhere close to reaching its expectations in men’s basketball in what was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime season.

The UNT women have faced a tough schedule, but 1-5 is a little tough for Mean Green fans to take as well.

A couple of people have talked to me and pondered how much more disappointment they can take.

UNT fans will hang in there. They always do, but a lot of people are really disappointed.

Some seem to be hanging by a thread.

The morale collapse watch is on.

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