McCarney to take long look at roster and signing day thoughts

A question during Dan McCarney’s press conference prompted him to go down the road of talking about evaluating UNT’s roster and coaching staff at the end of the season.

I wrote about what McCarney had to say in today’s paper.

Basically, McCarney said that he is down 11 scholarships and has about a dozen guys out for the year with injuries, leaving the team shorthanded. UNT doesn’t feel comfortable playing in the nickel or the dime due to a lack of quality defensive backs and is not having enough guys contribute on special teams.

With that being the case, every roster spot is precious.

McCarney said he will take a long, hard look at everyone on the coaching staff and the roster at the end of the season. He said he isn’t handing out free rides any longer.

“There are no feelings of entitlement in this program that were probably pretty prevalent before I got here,” McCarney said. “We won’t let that happen under my leadership. You are not entitled to anything. You have to earn everything. If you are going to continue to be in this program, you are not going to hang out, lift weights, show up to practice, get your Nike uniform, your Nike T-shirt and shoes and then go disappear into the night. You had better be showing us on game day that you belong.”

McCarney also said he and his staff are thinking about having three or four guys change positions in spring practice.

The process of remaking the roster has really already begun. Brent Osborn will be gone at the semester break after picking up his degree.

One of the guys who appears to be on the chopping block is wide receiver Chaz Sampson, who hasn’t played in two years. McCarney said that UNT is evaluating that situation, but that nothing has been decided yet.

Considering Sampson has Alcorn State on his Twitter pick (which is there for the whole world to see) I have a feeling we all know the way this is headed.

There is nothing wrong with players transferring. It happens all the time. UNT’s future is highly leveraged on a bet that a series of transfers will pan out — Brock Berglund, Darius Terrell, Reggie Pegram among them.

It’s just interesting to hear that McCarney is looking to do a little house cleaning after the season.

And in a side note, today is the start of the early signing period. We should hear some news by later in the day on the basketball front. UNT has a good recruiting class lined up in men’s basketball. Tony Benford should lock a few of those guys in today.

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