Thinking about the showdown between Dunbar and Robertson

Two of the best players in recent UNT history were on the same field total at Cowboys Stadium today.

Lance Dunbar is with the Cowboys and Craig Robertson with the Browns.

Small world.

Both contributed. Robertson blew right past Dunbar on a blitz at one point and finished with five tackles, including one behind the line of scrimmage, and also had a quarterback hit.

Robertson came to UNT in the last of Darrell Dickey’s recruiting classes back in 2006.

Dunbar had 10 yards on five carries and caught two passes for 6 yards.

Neither had a big day, but considering how far both have come, just seeing both playing roles in NFL games is impressive. Both were undrafted free agents.

It’s good for UNT to have those guys to point to as it continues to build for the future. High school players want to know they will have a shot to make it to the NFL from UNT. Dunbar and Robertson have shown that it can be done.

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