Thoughts on Tulane, East Carolina leaving for the Big East

Just when you thought it was safe to start thinking about UNT’s place in the college football world again, another shoe dropped in conference realignment today.

Tulane is headed to the Big East in all sports, while East Carolina is joining the league in football only.

Those moves will protect the Big East if the ACC swipes another couple of teams (UConn and Louisville are the schools being mentioned).

UNT’s new conference home will look a little different now. The loss of Tulane will leave UNT with one less regional rival in C-USA, and regional rivals that people care about were the reason for leaving the Sun Belt in the first place. Losing East Carolina in football will also weaken C-USA overall.

The bottom line, though, is at this point all of the main reasons UNT wanted to join C-USA are still intact.

Rice is still there. So are UTEP, Louisiana Tech, UTSA and Tulsa.

Those are four regional rivals that will be dramatic upgrades over anything UNT had on its yearly schedule in the Sun Belt.

As for how this could play out for C-USA, people around the Sun Belt have been talking about Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky following UNT to its new home for a while now.

That wouldn’t be the worst scenario for UNT. Those are two of the Mean Green’s better rivals in the Sun Belt.

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