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Update 7:06 — And there’s your game. ASU intercepts a pass in the end zone. UNT is down 37-19.

Update 7:50 — UNT just picked up a huge first down on fourth-and-10 on a pass to Darnell Smith.

Update 10:17 — UNT is still down 37-19 halfway through the fourth quarter. The Mean Green has the ball back at its own 28-yard line and needs to get something going.

Update 15:00 — We are about to start the fourth quarter. UNT just picked up a huge third down on an 18-yard pass to Darnell Smith.

Update 1:15 — ASU might have stuck a fork in UNT right there. The Red Wolves took 4:56 off the clock and went straight down the field to score on a Rocky Hayes run. ASU is up 37-19.

Update 6:11 — UNT cashed in on that terrible punt. Antoinne Jimmerson caught a 3-yard touchdown pass from Derek Thompson. UNT is within 30-19. The student section cleared out a little at halftime.

Update 8:56 — Big break for UNT right there. Terrible punt by ASU. UNT takes over at the ASU 29-yard line.

Update 9:03 — UNT’s defense came up with a big stop deep in ASU’s end. The Red Wolves will have to punt from deep in their own end.

Update 10:26 — It looked like the officials might have missed a call there. It looked like that punt, which was just downed at ASU’s 12-yard line, hit an ASU player.

Update 10:38 — UNT moved the ball on its first possession of the second half, but will have to punt from just inside ASU territory.

Update 14:30 — Derek Thompson is back in there.

Update kickoff — I don’t know if this means anything or not, but Derek Thompson is walking around on the sideline with his helmet on.

Halftime — We have hit halftime with ASU up 30-12. Nothing went right for UNT after that safety to open the game. ASU has 355 yards of offense in the first half and UNT has lost Derek Thompson for the game with a knee injury. UNT has 70 rushing yards on 20 carries . UNT is going to have a hard time coming back in this one.

Update 43.9 — Derek Thompson went down with a knee injury. His return is questionable. Brent Osborn went in last series. UNT didn’t go anywhere.

Update 2:12 — ASU cashes in on a Ryan Aplin TD pass. The Red Wolves are up 30-12 late in the first half.

Update 3:32 — Killer turnover right there. Jeremy Brown fumbles, ASU recovers and has the ball at the UNT 31 late in the first half with a 23-12 lead.

Update 5:22 — UNT just forced a three-and-out and will get the ball back late here in the first half. ASU is still up 23-12

Update 7:18 — UNT just can’t stop ASU’s offense. The Red Wolves went straight down the field and scored on a David Oku run. ASU is up 23-12.

Update 10:18 — UNT just tacked on a 43-yard field goal from Zach Olen to get within 16-12. UNT had a third-and-1 from the ASU 25, but Antoinne Jimmerson was stuffed at the line.

Update 13:38 — Ryan Aplin just scored from 5 yards out to cap a three-play drive for ASU, which is up 16-9. That took just 33 seconds. ASU missed the extra point, but is up 16-9.

Update 14:32 — UNT will have to punt after Derek Thompson was pulled down at the line of scrimmage on third-and-10. ASU has the ball at its 21-yard line. ASU is up 10-9.

Update end of first quarter — We have reached the end of the first quarter with ASU up 10-9. UNT caught a huge break when ASU hit Derek Thompson late on an incomplete pass on third-and-10. Dumb play by ASU kept UNT’s drive alive.

Update :54.6 — ASU just tacked on a 29-yard field goal to go back up 10-9. ASU had a wide receiver drop what would have been a first down catch deep in UNT’s end.

Update 4:27 — Derek Thompson just ran it in from 2 yards out to give UNT a 9-7 lead. UNT picked up a key first down on the drive on a 14-yard pass to Carlos Harris on third-and-10.

Update 6:48 — UNT is driving again and it at the ASU 23.

Update 9:56 — Ryan Aplin just hit Julian Jones deep on a perfect play fake. There was no one within 10 yards of the guy. ASU is up 7-2 after UNT got off to a good start.

Update 12:59 — Well, this has started well for UNT. Rocky Hays bobbled the ball on the opening kickoff and knelled on it in the end zone for a safety. UNT didn’t do anything with the ensuing possession following the free kick. UNT is up 2-0. ASU was called for an illegal block following the punt. ASU has the ball at its own 10-yard line.

Update kickoff — ASU has won the toss and will take the ball. Kind of surprised. Most teams defer. UNT’s defense that struggled last week will be out there to start to the game.

Update 4:00 to kick — In an interesting sidenotes: ASU knocked off UNT on its homecoming in 1999 and 1986, UNT has posted 400 yards in three straight games, UNT was minus-four in turnovers last week and didn’t force a turnover for the first time under Dan McCarney.

Update 6:00 to kick — Kind of surprised at what is a light turnout so far for this game. There are a lot of people out in the parking lots still. I am still going to guess that there will be at least 20,000 people here for this one.

We have had a bit of a snafu with our “Cover It Live” blog dealio we have used on game days in football this year, so we are back to a running blog for at least a week.

UNT will face Arkansas State today in a game that will go a long way toward telling how the rest of the season will go. UNT is 3-5 and will still be alive in its quest to win six games even with a loss today, but it will be a tough road to travel without a win today.

ASU has beaten UNT seven straight times, which is pretty baffling when you think about it.

If UNT is to change that today, it will have to contain Ryan Aplin, ASU’s quarterback who has torched the Mean Green on a yearly basis throughout his career.

UNT will also have to find a way to move the ball without wide receiver Brelan Chancellor, one of its top wide receivers and arguably its biggest play maker. Chancellor broke his collarbone last week in a loss to Middle Tennessee.

Check back. I’ll update the blog all day.

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