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Update 6:45 — UNT is toast now. The stop at the goal line stood and Kolton Browning just threw a 61-yard touchdown pass to put ULM up 35-10.

Update 7:56 — It looks like DeSoto product and ULM linebacker RJ Young stopped Brandin Byrd short of the goal line. He flipped Byrd in the air.

Update 8:02 — UNT has the ball fourth-and-goal at the 1. Last shot for UNT.

Update 9:26 — UNT converts on a pass to Delgado.

Update 9:46 — Catching up here. ULM is up 28-10 after Kolton Browning threw a pretty touchdown pass. UNT is trying to rally and has the ball at the ULM 14. It’s fourth-and-2.

End of the third quarter — ULM is moving the ball in what could be the put-away drive. The Warhawks have the ball at the UNT 32-yard line as we get ready to start the fourth quarter. It’s third-and-1.

Update 1:33 — UNT moved the ball a little on its last possession, but stalled out. ULM is going to have the ball back with time running out in the third quarter and a 21-10 lead.

Update 3:25 — UNT forced a punt and has the ball back deep in its own end.

Update 5:09 — UNT might not be dead just. Andrew Power caught a 4-yard touchdown pass from DT. UNT is down 21-10 in the third quarter.

Update 8:28 — UNT might have just killed itself right there. Marcus Trice was flagged for roughing the kicker on a field goal ULM made. The Warhawks got a second shot and scored on a 7-yard run to go up 21-3.

Update 12:20 — UNT had to punt it away after failing to convert on third-and-1. UNT ran another slow developing running play. Hate those calls in situations like that.

Start of the second half — UNT has the ball at its own 16.

Update :16 — UNT had a shot to score, but blew it. DT threw an interception in the end zone. There was no one there. The receiver went one way, DT threw it the other way.

Update :37 — Big play right here for UNT. Fourth-and-2 from the ULM 40. There are 37 seconds left in the half. UNT had a chance to close in here.

Update 1:19 — ULM just went straight down the field on a long, time-consuming drive and scored on a Kolton Browning pass to Brent Leonard. ULM is up 14-3. That missed opportunity to get it in the end zone could loom large for UNT.

Update 7:30 — I spoke too soon. UNT went backward on two running plays, didn’t get anywhere on third-and-goal and settled for a Zach Olen field goal. ULM is still up 7-3.

Update 9:39 — UNT is about to tie this game up. The Mean Green has the ball at the ULM 3-yard line and has three cracks to get it in.

Update 14:19 — Zac Whitfield just got the ball back for UNT on an interception. ULM tried to go deep.

Update 14:47 — Thompson gives it right back on the interception.

Update 14:55 — UNT makes a huge stop on fourth-and-1. ULM goes out of the shotgun on the run.

End of the first quarter — ULM is up 7-0 and has the ball at the UNT 45-yard line. It’s fourth-and-1. It looks like ULM might go for it.

Update 3:20 — UNT picked up a first down on its last possession, but got into a pickle on third-and-10 and failed to convert. ULM has the ball at its own 15.

Update 5:59 — ULM’s receiver was down at the 1-yard line. Kolton Browning just went in from a yard out anyway.

Update 6:50 — And that was why that conversion was such a big play. Keavon Milton just caught a 30-yard TD pass that is being reviewed to see if he was down short of the goal line.

Update 7:14 — ULM picks up a first down on fourth-and-2. Big play.

Update 11:35 — UNT moved the ball a little on its first drive. Carlos Harris caught a 23-yard pass, but the Mean Green couldn’t convert on third-and-2.

Update 13:15 — UNT holds on third-and-5 and will get the ball at its own 25-yard line. Good start for UNT,

Update kickoff — UNT has won the toss and deferred. ULM will get the ball first. We could see right off the bat just effective Kolton Browning will be.

Update 2:36 — A couple of people from the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl are sitting next to me today.

I have made my way to Monroe — otherwise known as Fun-Roe in Sun Belt newspaper writer circles — for today’s game between UNT and ULM.

It’s hunting season. Malone Stadium will be largely abandoned for this one.

UNT has a chance to make history today and win its second consecutive game for the first time since the 2004 season. UNT is 0-21 in those situations since the beginning of the 2005 season.

UNT’s chances today took something of a hit when ULM announced that Kolton Browning will be back today. Browning might be the best player in the Sun Belt and is averaging a little better than 300 yards of total offense a game. I asked around and Browning looked good in practice this week.

UNT will be without Antoinne Jimmerson, who is out due to the shoulder injury he suffered last week. Ryan Boutwell is still out with a bad knee.

ULM’s weakness is its pass defense, but UNT will be without Brelan Chancellor as well.

Brandin Byrd and UNT’s offensive line will be the key to today’s game. UNT has to run the ball to have a chance today.

Check back. I will keep updating the blog all day.

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