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Update 4:55 — UNT is going to win this one. The score is still 24-14. I’ll be back later

Update 11:18 — UNT has the ball at its 38-yard line still leading 24-14. UNT is going to try to grind this one out.

Update start of fourth — UNT is still up 24-14. USA is facing a third-and-3 situation at its 38-yard line. This is looking good for UNT.

Update 2:40 — Huge break for UNT there. USA DB Tyrell Pearson intercepted a DT pass and fumbled it on his way into the end zone. It hit the pylon for a touchback. If he would have gotten in there, it would have pulled USA to within 3.

Update 4:24 — UNT forced a punt on USA’s last possession. UNT will have the ball at its own 24-yard line.

Update 5:22 — UNT has tacked on a field goal from Zach Olen. The Mean Green is up 24-14.

Update 8:32 — This game is turning in UNT’s favor. Zach Orr just recovered a USA fumble. UNT has the ball at the USA 39.

Update 9:32 — And there you go. Brandin Byrd goes 85 yards for the touchdown. UNT is up 21-14.

Update 9:45 — Big break for UNT. USA missed the chippie wide right.

Update 9:49 — UNT is facing a huge play right here. Ok, might be. USA has the ball at the UNT 11-yard line and is facing fourth-and-1. Big play right here.

Halftime — We are all tied up at 14-14 at halftime. UNT did itself a big favor by driving for a touchdown just before halftime.

Update 17.9 — That was one of the weirder series I’ve seen in a while. UNT picked up an illegal sub penalty that gave UNT a first down on fourth-and-1. UNT cashed in on a Drew Miller TD catch. We are tied at 14-14.

Update 37.1 –UNT is going for it on fourth-and-1 from the 4.

Update 1:33 — USA cashed in after Olen’s miss and scored Jereme Jones touchdown catch. USA is up 14-7. UNT has the ball at the USA 33-yard line facing third-and-10.

Update — Olen misses from 54 yards out. He was wide left.

Update 5:46 — Interesting choice for UNT right here. Fourth-and-5 from the USA 37-yard line. Go for it or punt it deep. UNT will go for it. The coaches have been talking about the call too long not to go now.

Update 6:46 — Nice play by Zac Whitfield on third down to break up a pass over the middle. USA will punt. UNT will take over at the USA 42-yard line.

Update 8:40 — UNT couldn’t do anything on that possession. The Mean Green kicks it away. Atterberry drops one inside the 10 on a 56-yard punt.

Update 10:30 — UNT had a free play after USA jumped offside. The ball was intercepted. No harm, no foul.

Update 12:18 — UNT will get the ball back at its 16-yard line. UNT has a chance to drive for the lead here.

Update 14:41 — Just how big was that stop. Jeremy Brown goes 51 yards for the touchdown.

Update end of the first quarter — UNT just picked up a huge stop on fourth-and-1. Zach Orr made the stop.

Update 3.7 — USA took a timeout at the end of the first quarter with the wind at its back. The Jags can try to pick up the yard or punt with the wind at its back. Big choice right here.

Update :30 — USA is driving again as we head to the end of the first quarter. USA has the ball at its 46-yard line facing third-and-6

Update — USA is up 7-0. The Jags ran it in from a yard out. Tough start for UNT.

Update 7:30 — USA is driving. The Jags are at the UNT 24.

Update 9:18 — And there is our first first down. USA hits on an 11-yard pass.

Update 10:16 — The wind is terrible on the field. You can see the refs shirts blowing in the wind. It’s going to be hard to throw the ball today.

Update 10:23 — Back and forth we go. UNT goes three-and-out. DT overthrew Ivan Delgado on third down.

Update 11:59 — USA went three-and-out on its first drive. USA just lit up Carlos Harris on the punt for a 15-yarder. Harris called for a fair catch.

Update 13:32 — UNT goes three-and-out. USA takes over at its 32-yard line. UNT ran it on first down.

Update kickoff — USA has won the toss and deferred its choice to the second half. UNT will have the ball first. Gut feeling, UNT rolls today.

Update 12:00 to kickoff — There is no one here. This is as empty as I have seen the stands all season. No way UNT reaches that attendance mark unless a flood of people roll in here pretty quickly.

Update 20:00 to kickoff — UNT will be without defensive tackle Ryan Boutwell for the second straight week because of a knee injury. He didn’t practice all week.

We are still running with the running blog for UNT’s game against South Albama today after using cover it live for the first few games of the season.

It takes the chat element out of it, but is still effective. At least I hope so.

I have a feeling UNT will roll today. This is a game UNT should win and Dan McCarney is going to pull out all the motivational stops, including the whole Senior Bowl Trophy trick.

For those of you who didn’t catch the whole concept last season, UNT picks up a cheap beer league softball trophy, takes a picture of the senior class next to Spiriki, the Eagle statue at the field, and packages them together. UNT wins, and the trophy and the picture sit up in the office the whole year.

If UNT loses, the tropy goes into the closet.

UNT can go 3-2 in home games this year with a win today and post back-to-back winning seasons at home for the first time since the Glory Days — the 2003-04 seasons specifically.

USA has been pretty bad most of the year, but played well last week in a loss to Florida International.

Check back, I’ll update the blog all day.

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