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Update 1:31 — Antonio Andrews carried the ball down to UNT’s 1-yard line and slid down.I’m out

Update 2:09 — UNT got the ball back, but didn’t pick up a first down. Jeremy Brown was cut down for no gain on a short pass on fourth-and-3.

Update 3:30 — And there you go. Antonio Andrews had two big runs and spun out of a tackle on his way to the end zone. The two-point conversion failed. WKU is up 25-24.

Update 5:06 — UNT went three-and-out on its last drive. WKU has the ball back at its 22-yard line with a chance to drive for the go-ahead touchdown.

Update 8:47 — Atterberry only got off a 20-yard punt. WKU is going to have the ball at the 50-yard line to start this drive

Update 11:14 — Killer mistake by DT. Jonathan Dowling takes an interception back 38 yards for the touchdown. WKU didn’t get an extra point off due to a bad snap, but WKU is back in it at 24-16.

Update 13:32 — Big play by Brandon McCoy on third down. He sacked Kawaun Jakes, forcing a punt. UNT has the ball back and will look to run some

Update :24 — Welp, that should do it. Darnell Smith just caught a 12-yard touchdown pass from DT to put UNT up 24-10 with time running out in the third quarter. Smith made a good play on the ball to grab it.

Update 3:13 — UNT has the ball back at its 45-yard line. The way this game is going, UNT could put this game away with a score right here.

Update 3:22 — UNT forces a three-and-out again. Derek Akunne nearly had another interception. WKU dropped what would have been a long pass on first down. This just seems like it is going UNT’s way.

Update 4:38 — UNT had a third-and-1 at the 48. WKU saw the Brandin Byrd run up the middle coming and stopped him for a 2-yard loss. WKU has the ball back at its 20-yard line.

Update 6:36 — DT threw an interception on UNT’s last series, but WKU fumbled it right back.

Update 8:02 — UNT forced a three-and-out on WKU’s last possession. Momentum appears to be back with UNT. That fumble was huge on that first possession of the second half.

Update 9:36 — UNT got a huge break when WKU was flagged for a personal foul. It looked like UNT was going to have to punt from its 5, but got a second chance. UNT pushed the ball to the 21 before it had to kick it away. WKU has the ball at its 31. WKU took the punt back all the way, but was called for a block in the back.

Update 13:11 — Huge play. Antonio Andrews did fumble that ball. UNT recovered and has it at its 8-yard line.

Update 13:02 — Antonio Andrews carried the ball to the UNT before fumbling. I couldn’t see if he was down or not. Officials on the field called him down. We are in a review now.

Update 13:59 — WKU is driving on its first drive of the second half. The Tops have it at the UNT 19.

Halftime — We have reached halftime with UNT up 17-10. UNT came up with a couple of big plays early, including Brandin Byrd’s long touchdown run to take the lead. The swap of a field goal miss by Zach Olen and a make by WKU at the end of the half was pretty big. It’s a one-score game now.

Update :45 — WKU answered after Olen’s miss. WKU just hit a 39-yard field goal to pull to within 17-10. It looks like that will be the score at haltime.

Update 2:01 — UNT just missed out on a scoring opportunity. Zach Olen missed wide left from 49 yards out.

Update 4:38 — Aaron Bellazin makes the big play. He sacked Kawaun Jakes on fourth down. UNT has the ball back.

Update 5:43 — Huge play right here. WKU has the ball at the UNT 33 and is facing fourth-and-7. Looks like the Hilltoppers will go for it.

Update 7:09 — WKU has the ball back at its 25-yard line.

Update 7:09 — UNT cashes in with a Zach Olen field goal from 22 yards. UNT is up 17-7.

Update 9:13 — Big play by Derek Akunne. UNT’s linebacker intercepted a WKU pass and returned it to the Hilltoppers 10-yard line.

Update 10:16 — Jeremy Brown just went untouched from 20 yards out for the touchdown to give UNT a 14-7 lead. Good drive for UNT.

Upate 12:24 — UNT has pushed the ball to its 49 and had to take a timeout on second-and-2 with the clock running down. DT has hit both of his pass attempts on this drive for 25 yards.

Update 14:56 — Big stop for UNT. Jakes had a receiver open on third down and flat missed him.

Update end of first quarter — We are all tied up at 7-7. WKU is driving, but is facing a third-and-8 situation from the UNT 48-yard line. WKU has converted one third down on this drive already.

Update 3:37 — UNT comes right back with a big play. Brandin Byrd ran to the edge on third and less than a yard and broke free for a 61-yard touchdown run. We are all tied up at 7-7.

Update 5:03 — Jack Doyle just caught a touchdown pass from 4 yards out. I have no idea how UNT left WKU’s top receiving threat all alone. 7-0 WKU.

Update 6:10 — WKU appeared to pick up a first down on third-and-14 from the UNT 19-yard line on a pass to Rico Brown. Officials are reviewing the spot. WKU got the call. First down.

Update 8:44 — WKU hit UNT deep. Austin Aikens got behind Zac Whitfield and hauled in a 37-yard pass. WKU has the ball at the UNT 40-yard line.

Update 9:56 — That was Osborn in on the last play.

Update 9:56 — UNT had to punt. DT came out of the game after being lit up on second-and-17. It looks like trainers are looking at his hand. WKU has the ball at its 18-yard line.

Update 11:28 — UNT picked up the first down on a Brandin Byrd run. UNT just lost 6 on a fumbled snap.

Update 11:48 — UNT has pushed the ball to the WKU 45. It’s fourth-and-1. DT didn’t make it on a third-and-1 sneak. UNT called timeout to decide what to do. UNT just didn’t get any push up front on that sneak.

Update 13:26 — Big play on third-and-10. Brandin Byrd for 11 on a screen.

Update 14:51 — Great return by Jeremy Brown to the 35.

Update kickoff — WKU won the toss and deferred. UNT will get the ball to start the game.

Update 11:00 to kickoff — Ryan Boutwell will be out again today. He’s one of UNT’s top defensive linemen and has misses the last couple of games this season with a knee injury. That will make it a little tougher for UNT to slow down Antonio Andrews, WKU’s stud running back, who is leading the Sun Belt in rushing yards.

I am here freezing my tush off at the UNT-WKU game in Bowling Green. WKU has an open-air press box.

Did they realize this stadium is in Kentucky when they built this place?

That is going to be the interesting aspect of today’s game. UNT does not have a lot to play for and a lot of the Mean Green’s guys are Texas kids who are not used to playing when it’s 40 degrees out.

WKU has a lot to play for today. The Hilltoppers can improve to 7-5 with a win today. It looks like WKU will get to the postseason.

The key to today’s game could be how UNT fares against WKU running back Antonio Andrews. The Hilltoppers top running back is rushing for 125.4 yards a game. If he plays well, it will open up a lot of opportunities for quarterback Kawaun Jakes, who has had a good season.

UNT has to run the ball today, which could be tough to do against a WKU team that leads the Sun Belt in just about everything defensively. UNT has few playmakers left without Brelan Chancellor and Antoinne Jimmerson, who are out for the year with injuries.

Mike Canales had more to work with last year when we first hatched the term, “The Fighting Spork” for UNT’s offense.

This game reminds me somewhat of UNT’s game against Middle Tennessee last year when UNT was playing to get Lance Dunbar the school rushing record.

WKU has something even more important to play for today, a shot at a bowl game.

Dan McCarney is a master motivator. I’m sure he will have his guys ready to play. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with today.

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