Where does UNT turn for shooting?

I will have some follow-up information tomorrow on where UNT stands in terms of its scholarship situation heading into next season in the wake of the Brandan Walton news.

UNT’s one reliable guard when it comes to 3-point shooting is down for the year with a broken foot.

So where does UNT turn for reliable shooting from 3-point range?

There are a lot of possibilities, but not a lot of obvious answers.

At this point, the one Division I skill Clarke Overlander brings to the table is 3-point shooting, but he has yet to show that he’s ready. The guy was playing 3A ball for Argyle a few months ago.

UNT has some other guys who can shoot it a little, but not a lot of them seem like good options to be catch-and-shoot guys on the perimeter. Jacob Holmen shot 33 percent from deep last year, but he is more of a mid-range player.

UNT spent the whole off-season convincing Jordan Williams to NOT take so many 3s and get into the lane. Hard to reverse course now.

Chris Jones is can shoot it a little, but is going to be handling the ball.

Alzee Williams made five 3s all season a year ago and UNT didn’t recruit a straight shooter.

Tony Mitchell can shoot it, but he’s not the guy UNT wants taking 3s.

The best bet — at least looking at it on paper — seems to be Overlander.

It’s really the one place he fits and what he seems to work on the most. Overlander can already shoot it a little.

Tony Benford mentioned to me that UNT needs to get Overlander going when it comes to shooting the ball.

That seems like the best and most obvious option for UNT with Walton out.

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