Banquet award winners, thoughts and notes

First off, here is the list of banquet award winners tonight:

Newcomer of the Year – Antoinne Jimmerson
Scout Team Offensive MVP – Brock Berglund
Scout Team Defensive MVP – Brandon Johnson
Bill Bishop Award (Outstanding Defensive Lineman) – K.C. Obi
Bill Brashier Award (Outstanding Defensive Back) – Zac Whitfield
Byron Gross Award (Outstanding Linebacker) — Zach Orr
Joe Greene Award (Outstanding Defensive Player) – Zach Orr
Shawn Kramer Award (Most Inspirational Players) – Coleman Feeley, Jeremy Phillips
Abner Haynes Award (Outstanding Special Teams Player) – Will Atterberry
Phillip Armour Award (Outstanding Offensive Lineman) – Mason Y’Barbo
Ja’Quay Wilburn Award (Outstanding Offensive Back) – Brandin Byrd
Steve Ramsey Award (Outstanding Offensive Player) – Aaron Fortenberry
Odus Mitchell Awrd (Team MVP) – Zach Orr

No real stunners.

There were a few interesting comments made throughout the night. I forget which coach handed out the scout team MVP award on the offensive side, but he did mention that Brock Berglund did a really good job of impersonating a Hesiman finalist in Collin Klein the week UNT played Kansas State.

Thought that was interesting.

Andrew Power is going to play in an all-star game. They didn’t go into a lot of detail, but my impression is the game is for players from South Carolina now playing on the college level.

Tight end Tanner Smith was awarded a scholarship during the banquet. Nice moment. It was even better when he came up to talk to the crowd and said that he came to UNT to work his tush off and earn a scholarship without using the word tush.


Dan McCarney mentioned that this weekend is huge for recruiting. UNT was going to have an event tonight over at Apogee for guys on hand.

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