Tuesday afternoon notes (recruiting, hoops, et cetera)

I got a call back from South Garland head coach Mark Cox this morning. He reiterated all the same thoughts his defensive coordinator offered on defensive tackle Charles Walker.

Walker has great size and athleticism.

An Oklahoma assistant is coming in to talk with Walker this week. He’s visiting Houston this weekend.

I have a feeling I will probably catch Walker sometime today. Stay tuned.

A few people have e-mailed me to ask about the way Tony Benford has pulled guys in and out of games at a pretty rapid rate this year. The perception is that he has a quick trigger finger when it comes to pulling guys and has not let his team get into a rhythm on the floor.

Benford pointed out — and he’s right — that UNT’s guys are playing a similar amount of minutes to what they were playing last season. He doesn’t want to have players on the court for more than 30 minutes a night.

As far as pulling guys from games after they have been in a short time and giving guys enough time to settle into the game:

“I try to leave guys in, but if guys are making mistakes, you have to pull them out,” Benford said. “I was a player and understand that you have to get a rhythm.”

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