Tuesday night hoops notes (mailbag on buyout) and thoughts

I gave some basic details on Tony Benford’s contract with UNT on the blog last night and said that the full details would be in the paper tomorrow.

That — in the world of journalism — is what we call a teaser.

A few people asked for the details on the blog anyway. People specifically wanted to know what Benford’s buyout is.

I will take this opportunity to say that people are getting way ahead of themselves here.

Benford kept Tony Mitchell in town and kept the rest of UNT’s team in place. It has not gone well so far, but any new coach needs time.

But for the record, the buyout is Benford’s base salary at the time of the buyout on a per-month basis multiplied by the number of months left in the deal. It’s a five-year contract. Bottom line — That is a lot of money by UNT standards.

In a side note, Benford is really excited about Justin Patton getting healthy again. The Grambling transfer could really help UNT.

And in other news …

I can’t let this go without pointing it out, but there were people who claimed they didn’t know who Gus Malzahn was when he was hired as Arkansas State’s head coach or that there is no way he would be successful there.

Welp, he’s the guy who just led ASU to the Sun Belt title and is now going to be the head coach at Auburn.

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