UNT-Lehigh running blog

Update 3:25 — UNT is down 86-67 late. This game is over. Tony Mitchell and Alzee Williams both have 18.

Update 7:46 — UNT is down 77-56 past the midway point of the second half. Gabe Knutson is killing UNT. He has 26 and is one of three Lehigh players in double figures. Alzee Williams has 16 points and Tony Mitchell 13 for UNT.

Update 11:51 — We have hit the second media timeout of the second half with Lehigh up 67-52. UNT is on a 6-0 run. Alzee Williams has 16 points for UNT. Tony Mitchell has 13 points and eight rebounds.

Update 12:51 — Chris Jones just went down with what looks like a cramp. He walked off. UNT is down 67-50

Update 15:59 — UNT is down 61-41 at the first media timeout of the second half. UNT just fouled Mackey McKnight while he was draining a 3. He is headed to the line to try to complete the elusive 4-point play.

Update halftime — UNT is down 52-33 at halftime after Mackey McKnight nailed a shot from about three-quarters court. Didn’t hit anything but the bottom of the net. Tony Mitchell has 13, but the guy who is having a big night is Gabe Knutson. The big guy has 19 on 7-of-9 shooting. Lehigh is 6-of-9 from 3. Alzee Williams had a good first half with 10 points.

Update 1:23 — Lehigh is on a 7-2 run and has pushed its lead to 46-31. UNT just called a timeout. Lehigh has six 3s.

Update 3:47 — This is starting to turn in Lehigh’s favor. Lehigh is on an 11-2 run. Niko Stojiljkovic was called for a touch foul and then was T-ed up. Lehigh hit three of its four free throws on one possession. That’s a killer. Lehigh has five 3s.

Update 5:29 — Lehigh is on a 6-0 run and is up 34-25 late in the first half. Alzee Williams has 10 points for UNT.

Update 7:59 — UNT is down 23-21 at the third media timeout of the first half. UNT was up three and looking like it was going to get a foul call when Justin Patton took the ball to the basket. The officials called it two ways and settled on a charge. Lehigh is on a 5-0 run.

Update 11:19 — Jordan Williams just sent home a dunk in transition to put UNT up 16-14.

Update 11:37 — UNT is hanging in there and can tie this game up at the second media timeout. Lehigh is up 14-12 with Jordan Williams headed to the line. Tony Mitchell has four points for UNT.

Update 15:34 — Tony Mitchell came in at the 17:26 mark and scored UNT’s first basket of the game. UNT is down 4-2, but is headed to the line. UNT is 1-for-6 from the floor and has turned it over three times. Lehigh is struggling as well and has not played real well in the early going.

I am sitting here with a bunch of annoyed NBA scouts. No C.J. McCollum for Lehigh due a sprained ankle. Tony Mitchell isn’t starting. Here we go.

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