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Final — ULL 80, UNT 76

Update 15.3 — UNT is in a world of hurt now. Jordan Williams missed a 3 on the Mean Green’s last possession and ULL hit a pair of free throws. ULL is up 75-71.

Update 43.2 — Jacob Holmen missed a 3, but UNT caught a huge break when ULL was called for traveling after grabbing the rebound.

Update 1:10 — ULL just hit a corner 3 to go up 73-71. Mitchell has fouled out.

Update 2:02 — Jordan Williams just hit a huge 3 to put UNT up 71-68 with time running out.

Update 3:43 — UNT is down 66-65 at the final media timeout. Chris Jones has 16 and is having a good game. Roger Franklin has 13 and is UNT’s only other player in double figures. Pretty good crowd at the Super Pit tonight.

Update 7:22 — We are all tied up at 59-59 with Chris Jones headed to the line for a couple of free throws. Jones and Roger Franklin both have 13 points for UNT. Shawn Long has 21 for ULL. Looks like this one will go down to the wire.

Update 11:10 — UNT is up 57-55 with ULL headed to the free throw line for a pair of free throws. Chris Jones has 13 points for UNT. Roger Franklin has 11.

Update 13:50 — UNT is up 50-49 midway through the second half. ULL just jumped on a loose ball and called a timeout.

Update 15:59 — Checked out there for a minute to finish up with the women’s game. UNT is up 48-44 at the first media timeout of the second half. Chris Jones and Roger Franklin with have 11 points. Tony Mitchell hasn’t been really involved offensively and has three points on one shot from the field.

Update 3:31 — UNT went up 10 at 24-14, but ULL has come back to pull within 33-30. Tony Mitchell hasn’t taken a shot from the field and has one point. Chris Jones has nine for UNT.

Update 7:45 — UNT was up 10 after going on a 16-3 run midway through the first half. UNT looked better than it has pretty much all season offensively during that stretch. ULL has answered with the last seven points. UNT is up 24-21. ULL will have the ball coming out of the timeout.

Update 11:59 — UNT is up 15-14 on a Jacob Holmen 3. Justin Patton is playing well and has four points. Alzee Williams also has four.

First media TO men’s game — ULL is up 11-8 in the early going of the men’s game. UNT looks a whole lot better in the halfcourt after working on it the last couple of days.

Final – UNT 71, ULL 59

Update 3:40 — UNT is up 63-51 at the final media timeout and looks like it will salt this one away late. Desiree Nelson has had a good game with 14 points. UNT has four players in double figures.

Update 7:19 — UNT is still hanging on to a pretty comfortable lead. UNT is up 55-45 past the halfway point of the second half. Desiree Nelson and Laura McCoy have 12 points for UNT.

Update 11:17 — We have reached the second media timeout of the second half. UNT is up 50-39. Laura McCoy has 12 points for UNT. Alexis Hyder has added 11. UNT went on a key 12-0 run early in the second half and is in a good spot. I don’t think ULL has the firepower to come back.

Update 11:24 — UNT is maintaining a pretty comfortable lead. Laura McCoy just hit another 3 to put UNT up 50-39.

Update 14:59 — We have hit another timeout with UNT up 43-34. Laura McCoy just hit her second 3 of the second half. BreAnna Dawkins is 4-for-5 from the floor for eight points.

Update 15:57 — UNT has pushed its lead to 40-34 at the first media timeout of the second half. Laura McCoy and Desiree Nelson have both hit big 3s for the Mean Green in the second half. UNT is on a 5-0 run.

Halftime — UNT is up 30-28 at halftime against ULL in the first half of today’s doubleheader. Alexis Hyder had 11 in the first half. ULL scored just before the halfime buzzer. UNT shot 48 percent from the floor in the first half, but missed all five of its 3s. UNT was up 11, but couldn’t hang on to the lead.

Update 1:24 — Well, that didn’t last long. UNT has just coughed up an 11-0 run. We are tied up at 26-26.

Update 3:53 — UNT is on an 11-0 run and has taken control of this one at 26-15. Alexis Hyder has nine points and is having a huge game. BreAnna Dawkins is also having a good day with six points.

Update 7:33 — We are still all tied up, this time at 15-15. Alexis Hyder is having a good game with seven points. UNT has yet to hit a 3 today.

Update 11:59 — ULL has come back to tie this game up at 6-6 at the second media timeout. UNT is just 3-for-12 from the field. No one has more than two points for UNT. Neither team is shooting it well.

Update 15:43 women’s game — UNT is up 6-2 and is on a 6-0 run at the first media timeout of the half. UNT has missed a whole bunch of chippies, otherwise it would be up 10 at this point. UNT is 3-for-9 from the field.

I have found a temporary solution to my internet connection problems here at the Super Pit, which will allow me to bring the MGB live blog back for today’s doubleheader between UNT and ULL.

We have officially issued the patented MGB “Collapse Watch” for the moral of the Mean Green nation following a tough year in football, followed by a slow start in basketball season.

The UNT women have played a brutal schedule early, which makes a 1-5 start pretty easy to understand.

The fact the UNT men’s team is 3-4, has lost to a Division II team and UTA at home and at times looks lost offensively in the halfcourt (the players have acknowledged that they don’t feel comfortable with what they are doing, by the way, which is a little concerning seven games into the year) has people feeling a little nervous.

UNT has a chance to right the ship today in a couple of games against the Ragin’ Cajuns.

This is a game both teams should get. ULL is better in women’s basketball, but is still not a very good team.

The ULL men have struggled a bit in terms of their record, but this game is one that could be a dangerous one for UNT.

Check back. I will update the blog as we go along.

We will see if UNT can rekindle a little faith among its supporters.

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