Wednesday afternoon notes and thoughts

I touched on this yesterday on the blog, but I thought it would be worth while coming back to talk about UNT parting ways with Jasmine Godbolt.

I caught Mike Petersen yesterday and talked to him a little about what happened.

Godbolt played at UNT during a tough time in program history, but made a pretty significant impact. She will go down as one of the better players in UNT history, despite playing just three seasons for the Mean Green. She was a steal of a recruit who could have gone to a high-major program but decided to stay close to home.

She stayed and fought the good fight while playing for three coaches.

It’s too bad that her career ended due to a violation of UNT athletic department and team rules, but she did do a lot for UNT in terms of her production on the floor for quite a while.

Might just be me, but I try to remember people for the good things they did. Most people any way.

And in other news …

Arkansas State hired Bryan Harsin, Texas co-offensive coordinator, as its new head coach.

That move matters a whole lot less to UNT fans now that UNT is headed to Conference USA, but it should be interesting to see if ASU can continue to recruit Texas the way it did when Gus Malzahn was there. The Gus Bus drove across the border and plucked a few key players from Texas the last couple of years.

I will be interested to see if Harsin/ASU can hang on to Damion Hobbs, the Cedar Hill quarterback who is rated among the best in the country. One has to wonder if he won’t follow Malzahn to Auburn.

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