What do you hope UNT got for Christmas today

Christmas is almost over. The presents have been opened. The turkey or dinner of choice gobbled up.

Now it’s time to reflect.

Everyone needs/wants something. So does every athletic department, even Texas, which has more money than it knows what to do with.

What do you hope UNT received to address its issues?

Here is an unofficial list of what UNT had better hope was under the tree:

1 A batch of teams that will make UNT (in the words of Dennis Green) believe Conference USA is “what we thought they were.” Conference realignment keeps moving along. UNT really needs its new league to be a vast improvement over the Sun Belt. Nothing would be worse for UNT than seeing some of the key regional rivals in the league leave for the Mountain West (Tulsa, Rice et cetera) and end up in a league that is pretty much what the Sun Belt was. We will see what the next few months hold.

2. A winning season in football. UNT is working on an eight-year run of losing seasons. Yep, every year since the Glory Days (the 2001-04 Sun Belt title/New Orleans Bowl run). The school has sunk millions into the program over the last few years. The school really needs the investment to pay off soon. Plus I think a few longtime UNT fans might just lose it if the Mean Green doesn’t break through soon.

3. Some hoops mojo. UNT fans were expecting great things in men’s basketball this year. So far, it’s been a load of coal in everyone’s stocking. Nothing matters now but the conference tournament. It’s the only way UNT is getting to the postseason. UNT had better pick up some momentum before then, though. The bandwagon is going to start looking pretty empty if UNT lays an egg on the road trip coming up to Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky.

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