Basketball/football notes

I stopped by practice today to pick up some material for the UNT-ULM doubleheader tomorrow and picked up a few notes to add in with some football material I have been meaning to use the last few days.

On the football front, Dan McCarney mentioned when I talked with him about Kent Riddle leaving that UNT had its best GPA since 1997 last semester. UNT’s team GPA came in at over 3.0. That’s pretty remarkable when one considers that is a team GPA.

McCarney also said that he had more than 30 calls about Riddle’s spot, and that was right after he left. I am sure there have been additional coaches who have asked about the spot by now.

There were both coaches out of work and currently on other staffs who have inquired about the job.

On the basketball front, Jacob Holmen will be out for the ULM game tomorrow with the same foot injury that kept him out for the Troy game.

Keith Coleman was wearing a new pair of glasses at practice today. Keith apparently does not have the best vision and does not like to wear contacts during games. UNT had a pair of glasses specially designed for him.

He was working on his post game with Rob Evans in practice today.

I talked a little with P.J. Hardwick about taking over as UNT’s point guard now that Chris Jones is out. I will have a video up here in a while after it is through processing.

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