Jermaine Antoine update

It’s getting down to crunch time in the recruiting season and UNT has just a few spots left in its class.

Some of the prospects UNT fans have been following are still on the board — South Garland DT Charles Walker and Louisiana DB/ATH Jermaine Antoine among them.

I sent a couple of text messages today and caught up with Antoine.

When I talked to him last, he had just visited UNT and said he was leading toward signing with the Mean Green. Over the last few weeks, it was widely reported that TCU had jumped into the hunt.

Antoine confirmed that is the case today.

Antoine — who UNT is recruiting as a cornerback — said he has cut his list to UNT and TCU and that he will visit TCU on the 25th.

TCU has just one athlete and one cornerback in its class that stands at 15 at the moment.

It will be interesting to see who TCU lands in the next couple of weeks before Antoine visits.

UNT is doing OK when it comes to its 2013 class and landed its first three-star player in cornerback Chad Davis on Christmas. The argument will be made that the guys who sat out last year — Brock Berglund, Reggie Pegram and Darius Terrell — are the players who are going to make a difference anyway.

I don’t think it’s too big of a stretch to say that UNT could really use a good closing run to bring the overall talent and star factor in the class up a bit, though. That’s especially true when one considers that UNT is making the move up to Conference USA (assuming that the league looks anything like UNT thought it would in a couple of years).

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