Overlander down with knee injury

Ok, I’m back in the office now and have a little more information on Clarke Overlander.

Keith Coleman fell on Overlander in practice yesterday. UNT will find out for sure later when doctors have a chance to look at him, but it appears as if Overlander could have a meniscus tear in his right knee. (In a side note, this is a North Texas-ism that it’s the guy who weighs 245 and looks like a defensive end who fell on Overlander and not P.J. Hardwick who is 170).

Overlander won’t play on Thursday when UNT faces Arkansas-Little Rock on the road, and there is a chance he could be out for the year.

UNT is in a world of hurt right now in terms of injuries.

Starting point guard Chris Jones is out for the year with a broken foot as is Brandan Walton, who lasted just a minute before he went down for the year with a broken foot in UNT’s season-opening loss to Creighton.

UNT knew from the start that it might not have T.J. Taylor, who transferred in from Marquette. And sure enough, that ended up being the case.

Jacob Holmen is also battling plantar fasciitis, which is going to be a season-long issue. It does not look like he will play against UALR, either.

A lot of people have asked why UNT has not lived up to expectations this year. I’ve asked, and that is a big part of the answer. UNT just doesn’t have the team it thought it would have at the beginning of the year.

UNT is in the process of trying to completely revamp its plan both offensively and defensively to make do with what it will have the rest of the season, whether Overlander is done for the year or not.

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