Sergio Medina on Tulane decision and some thoughts

Sergio Medina committed to UNT all the way back in December, but backed out today, leaving UNT at the altar to commit to Tulane.

It a tough break for UNT, which spent a lot of time working on the Louisiana linebacker.

Media said it was just as tough a decision to not sign with UNT, especially after getting to know cornerbacks coach Justin Gaines and UNT head coach Dan McCarney.

“It was definitely tough to decommit,” Medina said. “I really like coach Gaines. He is an awesome guy and coach McCarney is so enthusiastic. He will turn the program around. I just felt like Tulane was the right place.

“The chance to go to such a prestigious university and a chance to play for the city you grew up are big. A lot of Louisiana kids feel that way. You want to stay home and do it for your state.”

That is the challenge for UNT right now when it comes to recruiting. UNT is pretty far down on the pecking order in Texas if you look at it realistically. Competing with the Big 12 schools and Texas A&M is just not in the realm of possibility. SMU is on a run in terms of bowl games. Rice just won a bowl game and Houston has been good lately.

Pulling players from Louisiana is a challenge as well. Louisiana Tech had a good year even though it passed on going to a bowl game and now Tulane seems to be getting it rolling from a recruiting perspective.

UNT found a perfect fit in Louisiana cornerback Jermaine Antoine, but landing and holding on to top Louisiana prospects has been tough in general this year. Offensive lineman Chris Taylor, running back Sherman Badie, defensive tackle Tanzel Smart and now Medina all picked Tulane over UNT.

Royce LaFrance decommitted at the last second last year to sign with Tulane. UNT also went after Jordan Batiste and saw him sign with the Green Wave last year.

UNT pulled LaJaylin Smith, Jarmarcus Jarvis, Mark Lewis and DeVante Davis out of Louisiana in its last class. Davis has since left the program, but he was among UNT’s highest rated recruits.

It’s not time to give up on Louisiana. UNT has had too much success there the last couple of years. Every program loses players to other schools.

It’s just been tough this year with the landscape of college football in both states.

UNT is working on an eight-year bowl drought. Convincing Louisiana kids to leave their home state behind to try to end that slide could be tough to do.

It isn’t much easier in Texas to get players to come to Denton at this point, either.

The situation isn’t easy, but it’s just something UNT is going to have to find a way to work through.

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