Sunday night recruiting wrapup

We have made it to the end of another key recruiting weekend for UNT, one that was filled with a lot of twists and turns along the way. At this point, let’s take a look back. Here’s what we know:

– UNT picked up a key commitment from Blinn tight end Chris Loving, who said he passed on an offer from Kansas State to sign on with UNT. It’s a big get for UNT from a player who could come in and play right away at a spot the Mean Green is losing a key player in Andrew Power.

– UNT also picked up a commitment from Wylie Reinhardt, a tight end from Saginaw. Reinhardt was committed to Texas State as an offensive lineman, but UNT recruited him as a tight end and landed him.

– Highly regarded defensive back D.J. Dean visited UNT, but left town without committing.

– Defensive tackle Tanzel Smart committed to Tulane, although the commitment is a soft one (more on that later).

– Defensive tackle Omar Tebo visited UNT and wants to commit, but has yet to receive an offer.

Here are a few tidbits that I picked up that shed a little light on where UNT stands:

– UNT has two scholarships left, not one. That means one of two things, either I should not have counted Brock Berglund into the class of 20 or someone backed out of their commitment.

– Smart’s commitment to Tulane might be a whole firmer that it sounds. There is a pretty good chance he never visits UNT. I will have to ask his high school coach tomorrow to find out for sure.

– You have to wonder about Tebo’s chances to land an offer from UNT at this point. UNT only has a couple of spots left and he left town without an offer.

And in a side note, a few players UNT had some interest in committed to other schools:

– Louisiana linebacker/defensive end Claude George, who visited UNT, committed to Memphis, while local product Graysen Schantz, a defensive end out of Lake Dallas, committed to Rice.

What does it all mean?

Well, for one, forget about UNT switching the nature of its offensive approach. UNT does not have a ton of spots to give in this class and spent two of them on tight ends who are known for their ability as blockers. Loving said he was recruited as a pro-style tight end, but his biggest strength is as a blocker.

Reinhardt is an offensive lineman turned tight end.

The other lesson learned — and this is no surprise — UNT is playing the waiting game for a couple of highly regarded prospects heading into the last few days before signing day. Dean told me he would take a couple of other visits after seeing UNT and Antoine was headed to TCU next weekend, the last time I checked.

Those two guys would give UNT two more three-star, top-end prospects to add to its class late. Those are the types of players who have a chance to develop into difference-makers pretty quickly. Getting both would make UNT’s class look a whole lot better.

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