Tuesday afternoon notes (catching up with Kent Riddle, Chirs Jones update)

One of the bad parts of deadline at newspapers is that you tend to catch people at the worst possible time.

Which brings us to Kent Riddle.

Spent quite a bit of time trying to find him during the will-he, won’t-he Arkansas State deal the last couple of days. (He did).

Kent’s a good guy. I knew he was going to call me back. And he did, right before the national anthem started at the Murphy Center on a night we had an early deadline due to it being New Year’s Eve.

Long story short — I didn’t get what he had to say into the story in today’s paper because it had already been sent.

Riddle struggled with the decision a bit, but the bottom line was that he is getting a chance to be an assistant head coach with a good friend in Bryan Harsin and advance his career. Coaches don’t say no in situations like that.

The hard part was leaving UNT, which Riddle believes is about ready to take off under Dan McCarney.

“The best aspect of it is this isn’t a situation where I am leaving a place where things are not going well,” Riddle said. “North Texas will blow up and become a great success story under coach McCarney.”

Riddle had a little more to say that will be in tomorrow’s paper.

Riddle had a key hand in bringing Brock Berglund to UNT. Depending on the way things turn out, that could be a huge part of his legacy.

On the Chris Jones front, it turns out UNT was not able to get him in to see team doctors today because it’s a holiday.

We should know more tomorrow.

I have a bad feeling about this. Situations like this never go well for UNT — think Patrick Cobb’s knee, Johnny Quinn’s hand, Jamario Thomas’ hamstring, Tristan Thompson coming down with the flu in the conference basketball tournament. I could go on, but that will probably suffice.

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