UNT posts impressive performance academically in football

UNT put out a little note on the performance of its football team academically today that is definitely worth talking about.

UNT had 45 players post a GPA of 3.0 or better this fall, the top total for the program since 2001.

“I am extremely pleased with the effort that this team put in to their academic work during the fall,” head coach Dan McCarney said. “With all of the demands on their time during the season, they still took pride in showing progress in the classroom. With the help of the academic staff, football players at North Texas are beginning to understand the importance and benefits of scholastic success.”

The overall team GPA for the 85 scholarship athletes in the fall was a 2.69, which is the best cumulative team GPA since the records have been kept by UNT.

UNT placed 13 players on the Dean’s List for the fall semester.

Academics is an easy thing to overlook, but it matters.

UNT coaches and administrators have talked over the last few years about how success in academics tends to carry over to the field. They have a point. Players who tend to take care of their business in class do the same on the field.

Scott Hall was an honors student in engineering. He’s also the last quarterback UNT had who engineered a winning season or earned a spot on the All-Sun Belt team, all the way back in 2004.

We saw last year what can happen when teams lose players to academic issues when the men’s basketball team lost Chris Jones and Jordan Williams for the year.

UNT is on the right track when it comes to academic performance.

That’s a key part of the overall equation.

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