UNT-UALR running blog

Final — UNT falls 67-53. I will be back late, late tonight/tomorrow morning after I drive home. UNT only scored 11 points the last 14:20.

Update 2:27 — UNT is down 65-50 with Tony Mitchell headed to the line to try to complete a three-point play.

Update 3:56 — UNT is down 63-48. The Mean Green has scored 16 points in the second half and is really struggling.

Update 5:09 — UNT is down 60-48. That UALR run was a killer. The Trojans went on an 18-2 run over 7:22 and the only bucket UNT got in that span was a bank jumper from Keith Coleman, and I don’t think he was looking for a bank shot. Alzee Williams has 15 for UNT.

Update 7:15 — UALR is on an 18-2 run and has pushed its lead to 54-44.

Update 10:08 — UALR is up 48-44 after Kemy Osse hit back-to-back 3s. UNT’s only bucket in the last few minutes was a bank jumper from Keith Coleman that was a gift from on high.

Update 11:32 — UNT was up six, but UALR has come back with six straight to tie the score up at 42-42. Tony Mitchell was called for a charge coming off a screen when he didn’t have the ball. He was trying to get position and picked up his third foul. He went out at the 13:06 mark. Alzee Williams has 15 for UNT.

Update 15:53 — UNT is up 36-32 with Tony Mitchell headed to the line for a couple of free throws. UNT finally got him the ball inside. Alzee Williams has 15 points for UNT. The Mean Green is playing pretty well defensively.

Update 17:11 — UNT is up 34-31. UNT went up 34-27 on a Roger Franklin bucket, but UALR has scored four straight. UNT turned it over on the press, which led to a James White dunk. UNT called timeout real quick after that.

Halftime — UNT is up 32-27 at halftime after a really good closing run. The game was tied at 24 before Alzee Williams scored six straight. Roger Franklin hit a jumper at the buzzer. Alzee has 15 at halftime. Jordan Williams has nine points.

Update 2:05 — Alzee Williams has UNT’s last six points. UNT is up 30-26. TO UALR.

Update 3:45 — We are all tied up at the final media timeout of the first half with Alzee Williams headed to the line. Jordan Williams and Alzee Williams each have nine for UNT. The Mean Green has seven turnovers, not a huge amount, but a couple of them led to layups on the other end.

Update 7:04 — UNT is down 19-17, but Jordan Williams is headed to the line for three free throws after being bumped on a shot from behind the arc. UALR’s player just got him after challenging the shot. Alzee Williams has nine for UNT.

Update 8:28 — Jordan Williams is back in.

Update 10:23 — More good news for UNT. Jordan Williams is down after being called for a charge on the baseline. He’s walking off.

Update 11:57 — UNT is on a 6-0 run and is up 11-10. Jordan Williams has six points for UNT, which has come back from a slow start. UNT has done a pretty good job of containing Will Neighbour, UALR’s big post guy.

Update 13:58 — UNT is down 10-5 at the first media timeout. Tony Mitchell just swatted away a layup in pretty spectacular fashion. Alzee Williams hit a 3 for UNT. Jordan Williams has UNT’s other basket.

Update tipoff — In a side note, if UNT loses this game and falls to 1-5 in Sun Belt play, it would be the Mean Green’s worst start to league play since starting 1-5 in the 2002-03 season. That was the second year of the Johnny Jones era, when UNT had a ton of injuries. Jones didn’t get it rolling at UNT until after that.

I posted a few minutes ago that Justin Patton’s knee has acted up and that he won’t play tonight.

UNT is getting down to the point where it has very few options.

UNT is already without (deep breath) Chris Jones, Brandan Walton, Clarke Overlander, Jacob Holmen and T.J. Taylor, although it’s tough to count him since he is sitting out as a transfer.

About the only good way to look at it, is UALR plays at snail’s pace. It’s not like the Trojans are going to run UNT all night.

If UNT loses this game, it will fall to 1-5 in Sun Belt play, its worst record through six games since the 2002-03 season, the worst year of the Johnny Jones era. JJ went on to win at least 20 games in five straight season and then finish with 18 before bolting for LSU.

This season is starting to mirror that 7-21 year in terms of the number of injuries this team has suffered.