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Final — ULL wins it 105-74.

41.5 — ULL has cleared the 100-point mark. It’s 105-72.

3:37 — UNT is down 90-66 at the final media timeout. Jordan Williams has a game-high 30. Tony Mitchell has just four shots and seven points.

4:32 — PJ Hardwick has just fouled out on a double technical foul. Officials also rung up Eldridge Moore. ULL is up 90-66.

5:10 — ULL is on a 16-0 run. It looks like UNT has folded the tent. Tony Benford just called a timeout. Nothing has gone UNT’s way since that T on Mitchell. ULL is up 87-61

6:51 — UNT is down 81-61 at the third media timeout of the second half. UNT was within 10, but ULL has hit a couple of 3s and is on a 10-0 run. Jordan Williams has 27 points. Alzee Williams and Roger Franklin have 11 and 10, respectively.

7:00 — Lost my connection there for a minute. UNT is down 81-61.

9:30 — Some ULL fans just started chanting, “Johnny Jones, Johnny Jones” at UNT’s bench.

9:55 — Roger Franklin just picked up his fourth foul. UNT is in a world of hurt.

11:05 — UNT is up 66-55 about halfway through the second half. UNT got to within nine, but has not gotten any closer. Jordan Williams has 23 for UNT. Tony Benford has not brought Tony Mitchell back in off the bench.

15:53 — UNT is down 55-43 at the first media timeout of the first half. That call on Mitchell was huge. UNT was down four. ULL hit both shots on the technical foul and then hit back-to-back 3s. Tony Benford stood there and stared at the official who made the call for half that timeout.

17:55 — Huge call right there. Officals just T-ed up Tony Mitchell after a blocked shot. That’s his fourth foul

17:59 — UNT is on a 6-0 run and has pulled to within 47-43. UNT is getting some good looks in the open floor. Jordan Williams has 20 points for UNT. The Mean Green is back in this thing. ULL just called a timeout.

19:38 — Tony Mitchell just picked up his third foul.

Halftime — UNT is down 45-37 at halftime after working its way back from a huge early deficit. UNT was down 31-17 before getting going behind Jordan Williams, who had a monster first half with 16 points. The sophomore hit seven of his 10 shots from the floor. Tony Mitchell hit all three shots he took, while Alzee Williams went 4-for-6. That wasn’t the problem. UNT turned it over 13 times while struggling against the press. ULL scored 14 points off turnovers.

3:46 — UNT is still within 10 at 37-27 and is headed to the line. Jordan Williams is having a huge game with 16. Alzee Williams has six. The crowd is all over Tony Mitchell, who signaled to the crowd after hitting a 3.

5:09 — UNT has pulled to within 35-25. Jordan Williams has 14 points. Tony Mitchell has come to life and has five. He’s hit both his shots.

7:30 — We have an officials’ timeout to fix the shot clock that didn’t reset at the right time. UNT is down 31-16. Jordan Williams has 10 points.

8:45 — ULL has pushed its lead to 30-14. Wait, it gets worse. P.J. Hardwick just picked up his third foul. Alzee Williams is going to have to move over to the point for the rest of the half, a job he can handle, but that shortens the bench again.

11:56 — UNT is down 19-10 a the second media timeout of the first half. Jordan Williams has eighyt points for UNT. Alzee Williams has UNT’s only other bucket. UNT hasn’t gotten the ball to Tony Mitchell yet and has eight turnovers. ULL is headed to the line for a couple of free throws.

12:30 — Tony Benford picked up a bench warning, which seemed to spark UNT, which is within 17-10. Jordan Williams has UNT’s last five points and just hit a 3.

13:27 — UNT is down 17-5 and just called for time. UNT has seven shots and seven turnovers

15:28 — UNT’s bench just got T-ed up. It’s 12-3 ULL.

15:28 — UNT is down 10-3 at the first media timeout. UNT is just 1-for-5 from the field and has four turnovers already. Jordan Williams has UNT’s only basket. Tony Mitchell hasn’t taken a shot yet.

Pregame update — I heard that Charlie Leonard is in the house. Charlie was Johnny Jones’ right-hand man while the two of them and a bunch of other good assistants who rolled through built it.

I have made quite possibly the last company-sponsored trip to Prejean’s, the best spot for dinner on the road in the Sun Belt, and have arrived at the Cajundome for UNT’s game against ULL.

Ah, the memories.

This was the site of UNT’s run to the 2007 Sun Belt tournament title under Johnny Jones, who just picked up a monster win over nationally ranked Missouri in his new gig as the head coach at LSU.

UNT — or more accurately, what’s left of the Mean Green — will try to right the ship after losing two straight tonight against the Cajuns.

The interesting aspect of this game to watch will be how Tony Mitchell plays. Mitchell is averaging 6.5 points a game in his career against ULL.

UNT has struggled to get him the ball in a spot where he can score. Considering he is one of the few players UNT has left who can score, there is little doubt ULL will try to push him off his spots.

I wrote a story for today’s paper about the plight of Justin Patton, who is from a couple hours down the road in Bossier City.

Stay tuned. I will update the blog all night.

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