Wednesday afternoon football notes

I was just sitting down to make a call to ask about this, but UNT has announced it.

Along with hiring Tommy Perry as its new special teams coach, UNT has moved Mike Grant from coaching running backs to coaching wide receivers. Nick Quartaro is coaching tight ends.

I was talking to UNT recruiting target Chris Loving last night when he mentioned that he was being recruited by wide receivers coach Mike Grant.

There could be nothing to it, but I wonder if this won’t mean that Quartaro will take a larger role in game-planning and play-calling. Tight ends is usually one of those positions that is not very intense and usually frees a coach up to do something else like coach special teams or serve as recruiting coordinator.

Mike Canales did a good job with what he had to work with last year and took too much of the blame if you ask me for UNT’s struggles offensively, but Dan McCarney did mention at the end of the season that UNT had to be better offensively.

Quartaro was the offensive coordinator at Kansas from 2002-06.

UNT’s struggles at times offensively last year had a whole heck of a lot more to do with what Canales had to work with than the plays he called, especially after Brelan Chancellor and Antoinne Jimmerson went down with season-ending injuries.

Quartaro was in the press box last year, so he had a voice in what UNT was doing offensively.

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