Wednesday night football notes (Jimmerson, Warner back, big plans for the fall)

I had a chance to catch up with Dan McCarney today when I picked up a couple of quotes on the new divisions in Conference USA and the Mean Green’s schedule for next year.

The divisions look good for UNT. The schedule looks great when it comes to fan interest. The competition, on the other hand, looks brutal.

I will write some more on both subjects later.

As for now, I did pick up a couple of news tidbits.

First off, Antoinne Jimmerson and Freddie Warner will be with the Mean Green for spring practice. McCarney said the issue has been handled internally and that both had done some community service.

That’s great news for UNT when it comes to next season. Jimmerson is a difference-maker on offense, one the Mean Green really needs next season. His catch-and-run that gave UNT a win over Louisiana-Lafayette was arguably the play of the year. Warner may never be the same again after two knee surgeries, but at least he will get a chance to get back to full speed.

McCarney also mentioned that UNT has some pretty big plans for next season, the 100th anniversary of the program, including specially designed throw-back uniforms. UNT will unveil them before the team’s first season-opening game at home since a 2001 loss to TCU. It should be interesting to see what UNT comes up with.

Be sure to pick up the paper tomorrow for more.

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