Jermaine Antoine “I will decide tonight”

I just got off the phone with Jermaine Antoine, the Louisiana cornerback who has been committed to UNT for a few weeks. I also talked with his head coach Trent Delahoussaye this afternoon.

A few outlets are reporting that Antoine has flipped to TCU. Delahoussaye also told me that Antoine is flipping to TCU.

Antoine told me that he wants to talk things through with his parents tonight.

After a while one tends to get a feeling about the way things are going to go with players. I would be surprised if the Louisiana Class 2A all-state selection does not end up at TCU at this point.

Delahoussaye pretty much told me that is the way this is going to go, especially in the wake of Justin Gaines leaving UNT’s staff.

“Coach Gaines had been here 10 or 12 times,” Delahoussaye said. “He felt comfortable with him. He wasn’t comfortable after that. He had a great visit with coach [Gary] Patterson and offensive coordinator [Jarrett] Anderson. He really liked the idea of playing against LSU in the opening game next year. They laid out a plan. They really liked both TCU and North Texas. He and his father had great things to say about North Texas. They weighed their options.”

Gaines departing right after Antoine came back from TCU did not help UNT’s cause, Delahoussaye said.

Antoine said he is still deciding what to do and will text me or give me a call when he makes a final decision.

I don’t give UNT very good odds when it comes to hanging onto Antoine, who TCU is recruiting as a wide receiver.

UNT is recruiting Antoine as a cornerback. At this point, Antoine would not know who his position coach will be if he signed with UNT on Wednesday.

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